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Help :-( Lock Rss

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and was having a stress free pregnancy until yesterday. On my 2nd hospital visit I was informed that my baby had a slightly larger right kidney.

I'll be going for an ultrasound to check my little bubs kidney function early January. I'm very concerned and have been very emotional since receiving the news.

Doctor said no damage to the kidneys and eveything in the ultrasound looks healthy but I am still very emotional.

This is my first baby - hubby and I have been trying for 9 years I can't even begin to explain how much I want to hold my baby.

Pray that my baby will be born safe and healthy.

Does anyone have any similar stories we can share?
Hi Dee,

I don't have a similar story and don't really know what your going through but I know I would be the same in the same position. Before every check up and ultrasound with my baby I was so nervous wondering what they might find or not find and was always so relieved to hear her heartbeat. Its ashame that you have to wait until Jan for the ultrasound because I can imagine how much you are going to stress and worry over that period of time. You just have to remember that the dr said everything looks healthy and he would prob know if somethign was wrong. Also try to remember that stressing a lot is not good for your baby even though I know it is hard (was for me and I had no probs).
But i will pray that your baby is safe and healthy and I'm sure he/she will be. Good luck with it all and try to have a happy xmas!
hi dee,
i do know how you are feeling, i was told at my 19 week u/sound that i had a placenta previa, which means the placenta was lying in my uterus, so i couldnt have a normal birth and i had to stop everything i was doing and relax. easy to say lol.
as i am in the country, if i started to bleed b4 37 weeks, i had to go to melbourne, if i got to 37 then i still had to have it 45mins away, my hubby couldnt even be in the room.
BUT i am now 37 weeks things have moved, i can have a normal birth. some times doctors can get it wrong and there not god. trust me, try and relax, its the best thing.
p.s. my doctor told me that there was no way my placenta could move, but it did.
take it easy smile

lainy,mum of 3 girls and a new little man

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