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Large for Gestational Age Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has been told that their baby seems large for the gestational age?

I'm 31.5 weeks pregnant and my Ob said that I'm approx showing 3 weeks bigger than this! He said that all my tests have come back fine so he thinks the only thing it could be is either the baby is lying in a strange position or that the baby is big!

I'm really nervous about what the problem could be. I'm booked in for an ultrasound in 3 weeks time to check it all out and am feeling really good and the baby is moving around a lot but I'm still worried. Here's me thinking I wasn't as big as my last pregnancy! Funny how time distorts things.

Any advice or stories would be welcome!

Hi Yvette,

I was told at my 21 week check-up that the top of my uterus was at a level where it normally would be at 24 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor wasn't worried about it then though and still isn't (even though it now means I have been suffering from indigestion earlier than normal). He said I may be a little further along than my diagnostic ultrasound predicted (which I have thought all along); Two he also said it could just be the way the baby is positioned and Three; the baby might be a big baby which is a scary thought for me cause I am only a little 5 foot 5 and my partner is a solid 6 foot 5!!! I don't want to be pushing out a 10 pounder smile

If the doctor says everything is normal and you feel fine don't let it worry you (harder said than done sometimes I know!) I have also heard that if the doctor thinks the baby is getting too big for the mother's size they will sometimes induce cause obviously the longer bub is in there the bigger he/she is getting!! Someone else may know more about whether this happens or not though ...

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Thanks Jo,

I know that I am exactly 31.5 weeks along as this is an IVF baby so I'm in a position where I at least know the actual due date! All along the baby has been the right size, only yesterday was it any different so I'm hoping it is only the way the baby is lying.

My Ob has advised all along that I might need a c-section because I needed one last time - my son's head just couldn't fit through my pelvis. He was 3.580 kgs so any bigger than this and I don't think I stand a chance of getting it out naturally (nor would I attempt it as it would be too high risk).

Thanks for the feedback. I too am only short 5ft3 so a big baby would be a bit painful I think! Mind you, to ease my mind my Ob says he delivered a 5.4Kg baby about two weeks ago after a 5.5 hour labour, 3 pushes and 1 stitch! Mind you the lady in question was over 6ft so I think that may have had something to do with the easy birth!

Any other advice would be welcome!

Hi Yvette

My doctor told me the baby was measuring big for dates - just by the measurement he took of my stomach. He said the baby looked to be 2 weeks ahead of dates. He wasn't concerned though, he said it could be just the way the baby was positioned. As it turned out he was sitting quite high, his head never fully engaged. Anyhow I ended up being admitted to hospital a week before the birth due to pre-eclampsia, and I had an ultrasound while there and the sonographer said that the baby weighed about 8 1/2 pounds - she turned out to be spot on. Try not to worry - I'm sure your doctor would have told you if he was concerned. All the best with your next ultrasound.

Thanks for your reply Jasmine,

I will try not to worry but being an IVF baby, I worry about a lot of things! Still I guess my doctor is the expert and if he isn't worried, then neither should I be!

Hi Yvette

I'm also a shorty - only just over 5 feet! I ended up having an emergency c-section after being induced as my son's heart rate dropped. If it happened the same next time it wouldn't bother me as we were both healthy at the end of it all - and I guess that's the main thing.

Sorry - I hope I didn't sound flippant in my last reply, I know trying not worrying is easier said than done smile .

Once again - all the best
Hi Jasmine,

Must be something to do with being short! I recovered very well from my last c-section so am not too worried about having another one if need be. I'm in total agreement - as long as everyone comes out healthy that is the main thing. I didn't feel any less connected with my son because I had a c-section - I loved him the second I knew he existed so once I got to meet him, I was so overwhelmed with this fantastic little person who we had tried so long to have that I didn't care how he came out!

By the way, you didn't sound flippant. It is easier to say not to worry than do it, and I know that until my next scan I will unconciously be stressed but I know that everything will be fine. Just wish that it was all settled. Everything to do with an IVF baby is about waiting and I hate it!

You wait until you can finally get in to see a specialist (took me 4 months), then you have to wait while you take the drugs etc. to see how many eggs are collected, then you have to wait to see how many fertilise and progress then you have to wait for your pregnancy test, then another wait until you can have a 7 week ultrasound to check for a viable foetus - then of course the rest of the pregnancy to wait through! Now I have another 3 week wait before I know what is happening and then another 5 weeks before my baby is due!

Still I have Easter in between so I'm sure the time will fly by.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. It puts my mind at ease when others have had similar experiences.

hi! i had an ultrasound at 35 and a half weeks, and was told that my baby was about 6pound and would only get bigger, she was born two weeks later and only weighed 5 pound! so really the ultrasound is not always exact!!, i hope everyting goes great for you, good luck, take care!

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Thanks Sam,

I've heard similar stories from other people so I'm not sure how anything will be determined! Still I'm hoping that the reason it seems so big is simply because of the position the baby is in but will find out in three weeks anyway!

Last preganancy my doctor advised that the baby was probably going to be around the 3.5 kg mark and he worked this out just by touch. He was pretty spot on - 3.580kgs! This time he seems to think the baby will be bigger so it will be interesting to see if he is right.

Thanks for the reply - appreciate your input. Have a happy Easter!

hi girls,

My two scans in this pg have both said the baby is large for its age, and there was some concern about me developing gestational diabetes, but that has been cleared up. My doctor said that scans can be mislaeading and give inacurate results depending on the equipment used and the person using it.

I am only 5 foot 1/2 inch (153cm) and my first sons father is 6 foot and very solid...I pushed out a 9 pounder after 11 1/2 hours with no stiches or grazing!!

I just figure I do big babies!! Mum always said I have good 'child-bearing hips'!!!! : )

Hope you are all well.
Happy Easter!
I was told Maya was 7lb9oz at a sacn at 36 weeks and she was just over 9lb born at 39 weeks. But a friend was told her boy was 8lb8oz and then he was only 8lb6 born 2 weeks later
PS. Mickey I had no stitches only a tiny graze too but shared a room with two 6lb babies whose mothers were both stitched from one end to the other

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Thanks for all your stories. I know I don't have gestational diabetes as my tests all came back clear. I will know a bit more hopefully in a couple of weeks when I have the ultrasound done, but all in all, I guess I will find out for sure in about 7.5 weeks anyway!


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