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I know that this may sound weird but is it okay to colour your with at home hair colourant? I have heard that it isn't okay as it will effect the baby. I have asked a few people and they have told me that not to get your hair coloured at a salon as the peroxide will harm the baby. If anyone can help thank-you in advance

Amy,QLD, mum to 1

dear amy,

i had my hair coloured while i was pregnant, and the only thing that could be a problem is that the hormones in ur body cause the colour to not take proparly.
during my 1st pregnancy, i had foils put in and all was fine.
during my 2nd, i had my hair coloured red, and because of hormones it went dark brown instead which the hairdressers kindly did my hair again until it finally went red. and all was fine with him. during my 3rd pregnancy, i again had foils put in and all was fine.
ive heard that hair dye can affect ur baby but the hairdressers all say no, and mine have all been fine.
if in doubt, ask ur hairdresser.
you never know these days, what u should and shouldnt do, things change constantly.
as i said, if in doubt-ask or do nothing until baby is born.

Kristi 5 kids.

Hi Amy. I read an article that said it was fine to, and then asked my hairdresser the same q when i was preggers, she said its fine to dye your hair, with at home stuff or otherwise. she has 3 kids and worked in the salon trought here pregnancy and kept her own hair looking great.


Hi Amy

I am a hairdresser so I can tell you that you can colour your hair while you are pregnant. It won't harm the baby at all. Kirsti was right in when she said your hormones somethimes may alter the colour that you have chosen, but then again it may not. We usually tell mothers to be that perms usually don't work while pregnant or chemically straightening may not work while pregnant because of the hormones. While I was pregnant with Nicholas I worked in a salon and constantly coloured my hair, blode brown etc... all went onto my scalp and Nicholas turned out fine. He is a happy healthy little boy.

If you are worried about colouring your hair, as in it may not turn out how you wish, or if you want something gentler use a semi permanent colour. This does not go right into your cuticle of your hair. It only coats it and it will give you a great shine and makes it feel lovely and soft.

I will advise you though do not colour your hair if you have any sores or open wounds on your head as this can cause the chemicals to get into your blood stream a my cause 'para poisoning' which can be harmful to yourself and bubs. This also includes if you are not pregnant. I don't mean to scare anyone, it's just a precaution. As they say, its better to be safe than sorry.

Good Luck in what you decide to do, and again, don't worry you baby will be fine.

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

I have coloured my hair twice since i have been pregnant and me and my baby are both fine. I heard the same thing though and spent an hour looking at the packet to see if there was anything written on it about that question
Hi Amy,

I don't think this is a wierd question at all...

I am 24 weeks into my second pregnancy and have been avoiding colouring my hair because I too believed that using a hair dye was bad during pregnancy, as I thought it could be absorbed through the skin and do harm...

After reading this post I am considering dying my hair to cover up my depressing regrowth.

Thanks for posting this question, I learnt something new today... grin

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