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Can you tell the sex in a 12 week scan? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,
I have the films for my 12 week scan and they have taken a few shots from below looking up between the legs...I couldn't see anything there except what she told me was the cord...does this mean its a girl because surely I would have seen a tiny little doodle if it was a boy and I really do have this gut feeling it's a girl but the odds aren't going in my favour!! I have booked in for my 19 week scan at the end of January but I'm curious to know if they can see the genitals in the 12wk scan..Can anyone help??
Charmaine xo

Charmaine, VIC, EDD 21/06/06

I don't really know if they can say with high accuracy the sex at a 12 week scan. I had mine last thursday and the baby is only 5.9cm long so can you imagine the size the 'doodle' must be? I think with the 19 week scan they can tell you the gender with much more certainty. Good luck!


I don't think they can really tell the sex at the 12 week scan. Especially when they can't even tell correctly at the 20 week scans some of the time. I was told that even at the 20 week scan the baby still has to be in a good position to be able to tell and they never ask if you want to know the sex at the 12 week.

Anyway hope all goes well smile
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