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Baby Showers for Bub #2? Lock Rss

Just wondering what other peoples opinions/comments are on having a baby shower for bub #2? I had a baby shower for our first bub 4weeks before she was due, but didn't know whether I was meant to have one this time round? I will be having a elective c-section on 1st Feb 06, so have 4 weeks to go and really have most of the things I need already, except for like the bigger items like a new style rocker & car seat etc which don't fit the baby shower items! lol. I have a few friends having their first bubs this year and are already planning their baby showers, and asking me about mine?

Also adding to the confusion is, my partner and I got engaged on Xmas day this year after being together for 8 years (this being our 9th Xmas together) and upon telling everyone the news (as no-one was expecting us to get engaged as we are in no hurry to get married etc) have asked if and when we are having an engagement party? I would love to have one and get all the lovely gifts, but its the last thing i feel like doing at the moment, what is the time frame for having one and what are guests expectations??

Any replies would be appreciated, ideas or previous experiences etc. THANKX

Karen, FNQ, Danika (May 03), Jarrad ( Feb 06), Ama

Hi! I didn't have a baby shower for my first ... but I did have one for my second!! A friend of mine had for both her first and second pregnancies!! If you want one ... go for it!! It'll be a good opportunity to get toether with your friends before your baby arrives!!

As for your engagement ... CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm sure in your current situation, your friends and family will understand that you are not in the frame of mind for an engagement party!! I am sure they wouldn't disapprove if you waited till the baby was a few months old!! Good luck with your birth ... and enjoy your baby shower if you have one!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

i think that it's competely up to you as to whether you have another baby shower or not. a friend of mine also didn't have one for her first, (she was young) then had her 2nd child 5 years later and had one then. perhaps if you feel abit uncomfortable about having one cos you don't want ppl to feel as though they have to bring gifts (or expensive gifts) perhaps stipulate that on the invites, something along the lines of the baby shower is to welcome the new impending arrival and gifts are not preferred, perhaps instead people could write out in a book their 'pledge' of help after baby is born, eg they could write that they pledge to bring around one meal and one load of dishes done, instead of gifts. this may be more helpful, presuming that you have most of the paraphernalia from you first. maybe a few of you rellies and close friends could all pitch in to help you purchase the higher ticket items that you need?
as for the engagement, again whenever you're ready, especially as having bubs will make it difficult. we waited about 3 months to have our engagement party, while ppl i know have been engaged for 7 months and still not had their party yet or set a date. guest expectations depends on your friends and family. usually ppl bring a house type gift, something practical. if you have things you particulary are after, perhaps drop hints and tell the gossip or organiser of the family, and again those that want to can pitch in.
another idea is instead of having the baby shower b4 bubs is born, maybe combine both the engagement and the welcome baby shower at once, maybe with a bbq and everyone brings a plate to take the load and stress off of you.
hope these help. and congratulations and goodluck with bubs and fiance!!!

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