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Where do I get Raspberry Leaf Tea??? Lock Rss

Hi Mum's,

I am hoping someone can tell me where I can buy Raspberry leaf tea from? I am 24 weeks pregnant and want to start drinking the tea soon to help with the last parts of pregnancy, labour and birth. I have heard the tea is better than the tablets, can anyone comment on this?

My first labour with my daughter was 14 hours becuase my cervix would not dilate... very painful! And although I took Raspberry Leaf tablets in the last 4 weeks this seemd to be of no help. Did I need to take more tablets or for longer?

Will the Raspberry Leaf Tea help me...?

Hi Michelle
I have heard myself that the tablets are better, but to take more than the recommended dose on the bottle. DON'T start taking either option until you are at 34 weeks as they can result in early labour. The tea is less concentrated so you need to drink quite a bit and from memory it tastes foul.
As far as where to get it from, you should be able to source it from your local supermarket with all the other tea's or failing that most health food stores should have it.
Good luck

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi Michelle

You should be able to get it from your local health food shop. I also took the tablets when I was pregnant and ended up being induced followed by an emergency c-section as the contractions stopped and my son's heart rate dropped. From memory the dosage was 2 tablets, 3 times daily. A couple of the other mums in my ante-natal class said they had been told the tea is more effective than the tablets, however they said the tea from the health food shop wasn't strong enough and you were better off going to a naturopath or homeopath to get a stronger mix. I don't know how true all of it is, everyone has such different ideas and experiences with pregnancy and birth - as I'm sure you know tongue !!!

All the best
Michelle, i got it from the health food store at Clifford Gardends, just ask for assistance to find it. Jodi
Hey I don't know where you live, but you can get the raspberry leaf tea from a shop called 'the peerfect potion'!! There's a few around Melbourne!! One of them is in St Kilda in Acland Court shopping centre! Hope that helps you. Good luck with your pregnancy!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

I drank the tea and took the tabs from 32 weeks. 15 hours of labour emergency c section

so i dunno if they worked for me.

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

GO STEPH!! congrats on your birth!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

brandons mum

whats your email address?

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hey steph

my email is [email protected] ... can you send me pics of the cutie?? I can't wait to see!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Thanks mum's for all your replies...

Jodi sice we live in the same town you have made it very easy for me to find... thanks.

Now I have another question... Can you have too much Raspberry leaf tea or tablets??? In other words can you over dose?

I've heard a lot of mum's say drink 4 or more cups of tea a day or double the recommended amount of tablets... Can anyone comment on this?

Also I took the tablets from 36+ weeks last time, now I have read you can start at 34+ weeks, is this right???

All answers hugely appreciated grin

maddychelle where do you live??

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064


I drank the tea from around 37 weeks, I got it from a health food shop and asked how often I could drink it and was told around 3 times a day. It doesn't taste the best but with a spoonful of honey in it, its not too bad.

I'm not sure how well it worked because with my first my waters broke a week early and I was induced but with my second which I took the tea, I was 4 days overdue but then went naturally on my own and it was much easier than being induced.

Good luck

Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2

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