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hey guyz
i have my daughters naming day comming up in a few weeks and we have decided to say a poem, we really arent good at peoms and have come up with a saying ( yeah thats it a saying)
"theres two ways to live ur life one is to belive in mircles and the other is to llive a mircle"
she is an ex 26 weeker and was born at 568 grams.....
we need ideas pls help!

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi kaz_april,

We had a Naming Day for my daughter last year when she was 4 months old and this was one of the poems read at the Ceremony...

May beauty delight you and happiness uplift you.
May wonder fulfill you and love surround you.
May your step be steady and your arm be strong.
May your heart be peaceful and your word be true.
May you seek to learn, may you learn to live.
May you live to love, and may you love - always.

And here is another poem also read at the Ceremony...

A baby is a gift of life
born of "the wonder of love"
A little bit of eternity
sent down from above,
Giving new dimension
to the love between husband and wife.
And putting new meaning
to the wonder and mystery of life!

Hopefully this will give you some ideas.

You could also try a website called Quotes and Poems for Scrapbooking...

Goodluck with your special day,

Michelle grin
hey michelle
thanks heaps for the web site (checkin it out now) its given us more of an idea what to say,
once again thank you....

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early


You are most welcome! grin

Glad I was able to help...

I hope your special day goes great!

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