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Many thanx to my Mother in law Lock Rss

When I had my first child, Brianna: 10/12/1998, my parents where not thrilled and our relationship went downhill from there to the point of not speaking for almost 5 years.
Even though my inlaws have repeatedly let us down currently, when I was pregnant and after Brii was born they where there when ever I needed them.
They knew that I was the mum and suggested helpful hints and tips, and I never felt like I couldnt ask them their advice, but they never made me feel like they where taking control.
They even came to my baby shower when my mother was going to be there, (they didnt get on) and made me feel relaxed.
I came home one day before Brianna was born to find the nursery had been done. They had got all their furniture they where not using and bought some second hand furniture and had repainted and set it all up for me. They even bought a beautiful bassinet.
I had been stressing over getting the nursery down and they just did it for me. There was a HUGE wardrobe, a nappy table, a change table, the bassinett and a bookshelf, all painted in the colours I wanted (pastel blue, green, pink and yellow).
My mother in law even bathed Brii for me when we got home, as I didnt even do it in the hospital( the nurses did), and I was so nurvous. She was fantastic and even though there is friction now, I am the first to say that they have done more than anyone else has for us and that I am always grateful.
I feel very lucky and wish I could tell them how much their support ment to me since my own mother had no time for me or her grand daughter.
So thankyou Julie.

Jade; Brianna10/12/98; Sadira30/3/04; Rykus1/1/06

My mother in law lives in the same property, and can be a real sticky beak. she is always outside my door in the garden just as we are going out and it makes it harder to get the kids in the car. she is full of usless advise. and she can be very dominating. i could go on forever!
but the other week after a week of being up all night when i had 2 sick kids and tyred from my third pregnancy. she took over, like she does, and brought both kids home to her place for a night and said she didn't get any sleep but was hopping that i caught up on sleep which i did and it was great. the amazing thing about this is its harvest on the farm at the moment and she got up and done a 12hr day and then offered to take the kids again.
its good to know she is there. even if she is there to much.

Teagan 7, Ryden 4, Tayla 3 and Me&Dh 35

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