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A tip for heartburn sufferers........ Lock Rss

Hi girls,

I know how awful heartburn can be and thought I'd share a couple of ideas with you for rectifying the problem. Apart from obviously having smaller and healthier meals, try drinking a glass of skim milk as soon as you feel heartburn coming on. I'm suffering from heartburn big time at the moment (most nights) and have found that the milk helps me straight away. I've also heard that a peeled cucumber does the trick but have never tried it, mainly because milk is easier to grab in the middle of the night! Hope I've helped.


Hello, I heard a tip on the radio the other day. A women rang up and said the best thing for heartburn is a McDonalds thick shake and you dont have to get out of the car you just drive up to the window place your order, pay and drive away. The women said it was tried and true, well for her anyway!
aren't you not supposed to have soft serve ice cream while pregnant?

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I heard that one too Steph. I love Maccas ice-creams and thickshakes normally but have been giving them a miss cause I didn't think they were safe ???

I too have been getting heartburn on and off. I went the chemist and she recommended Mylanta tablets which she assured me were safe to take when pregnancy. The back of the packet also says they are safe for pregnant woman. I have been only taking one tablet at a time though maximum of once a day when I need it till I ask my Dr about them this arvo. Just the one tablet works a treat for me though.

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

I'll have to give the Maccas 'cures' a go next time!! I got bad heartburn the last trimester of my pregnancy! I took mylanta tabs, but i don't really think they did all that much for me!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Thanks for the tip - might give that one a go.

My midwife recommended Gaviscon Liquid which is Aniseed flavour and not 'chalky' like Mylanta. I've found it pretty good so far.

Cheers! smile


Maybe the thickshake would work but I can't imagine icecream helping with heartburn. Icecream would be the last thing on my mind during a heartburn episode! And it's true about avoiding McDonalds icecreams because all soft serve icecreams should be avoided. Same goes for soft cheeses, undercooked eggs, pate (blah, I wouldn't miss that anyway), salads and foods which have been refrigerated for a long time. It's called Listeria, it's rare to become infected with it but the complications are pretty serious. It all depends on the individual but if you are being careful, it's good to know these things. I do know that I'll be ordering a double chocolate sundae as soon as bubs pops out!

Thanks for the other tips girls.



Sorry, didnt mean to offend.......just passing on what I heard. Please dont shoot the messenger sad
Hi Super and other Mum's,

I too have started to suffer heartburn in my second pregnancy... :~

I usually only get hit with it at night when I go to bed. So Ihave found if I drink a glass of milo before I go to bed and sleep with my head slightly more elevated than usual I can reduce the severity of my attacks.

On a bad night 10mls of Mylanta often does the trick as a last resort.

I haven't tried the thickshakes, skim milk, peeled cucumbers... but will keep them all in mind.

My GP told me at my last check up that drinking water before you lie down can aggrivate heartburn...something else to keep in mind ladies.

As for all the food fears... I have eaten MacDonald's products through both my pregnancies and had no problems (this includes the odd Sundae, so go easy on Calebsmum - she mean't no harm)

Michelle smile
Hello maddychelle thanks for your support! When I had really bad heart burn I too would drink milk by the gallon. My FIL has suffered from this most of his life and use to drink Mylanta like it was a milk shake. When he saw me order a glass of milk at a restaurant one night he nearly ate me saying I was only making things worse for myself. He said he had seen numerous specialists and they all said to drink water not milk. At the time I didnt care I just wanted relief and milk was quick and easy.

Thanks again (big hugs and kisses). absolute pleasure... grin

See you around Calebsmum.

Michelle grin

P.S. I wont be drinking water to soothe my next heartburn attack either... give me milk and lots of it!

Just stating the facts and was not 'shooting the messenger'. You didn't offend and if I came across as a little too direct, then what can I say? I hardly think my reply was abrupt or rude, and I made a distinct effort so as not to come across that way. I basically gave my personal opinion, what's so bad about that? Perhaps I need to express my opinions in a different way, I don't know.

People can do what they like as far as what their food intake is. If I say you shouldn't have something then it's because it's what I have heard. At the end of the day, it's an individuals choice as to whether they would like to take the advice or not.


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