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Baby shower Lock Rss

I have no idea where im supposed to post, so hopefully here is ok. I'm wanting to have a baby shower for my next baby. Is it wrong for me to host it or should somebody else be throwing it on my behalf (or for me)? Does anyone have any ideas on what to do. I thought that i could have something like a linen party etc. Is there a similar party that shows childrens clothes?

I think it always feels nicer to have someone do that for you - do you have a sister, mum or close friend who lives nearish by that you could drop hints to? If not, break with tradition and host your own - if that's what you want to do.
I think there are quite a few party plan things - Intimo is pretty good for lovely maternity lingerie and bras and things. If you have friends with little kids, why not have it as a swap meet and encourage everyone to bring clothes and toys that their kids have grown out of? Otherwise, I know the body shop does really good pamper parties and that's always great for a mum to be! Good luck with it - I am hoping that my little sister will organise mine.
we arranged our own, catch SIL lives over a hour away and my parents live over 3 hours away. What we did was get SIL to do invites for my side of the family. DP's mum to do his side and I did friends. We did a wishing nappy well, lot of people didn't know what to buy us as we had a bit of stuff and we ended up with over $500 dollars and that brought our cot and mattress.

I was also wondering about this, the nappy wishing well is a great idea, do you hire those??

I am hosting my own in August. I am due in September.
I have family here but no one has offered to do the planning for me so I really wanted to have one this time as I have never had one with my other babies.

My sister in law has since offered to help with food and games and so has my best g/f.

Thats better than nothing I spose.

Happy thoughts,


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