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Having A Boy Lock Rss

Hi Mum's...

Here I am hoping to pick your brains again.

I am 26 weeks pregnant with a boy... and I am wondering if anyone can give me tips on the sort of things I will need to get for him.

My first baby was a girl and we ended up with so many girly things, that I am just not sure what sort of things to get for our baby boy.

My husband already feels that most baby stuff is girly... so any ideas to make his room nice and boyish? And any items that you found to be great for your baby boys???

Hi Michelle,

My partner is the same ... stressing about me buying things 'too girly'.

I have done the nursery in blue, red and yellow which I think is bright and colourful, yet not too girly. I have also been only buying baby blue or white Bonds suits and bright coloured clothes, manchester etc. For the carseat, pram and changetable I have stuck to navy colours (paying careful attn to make sure there are no bunny prints or anything on the fabrics). When I show my partner what I have been buying he gives it the 'too girly' inspection but so far he has given me the seal of approval for everything bar one romper. Men! Funny creatures sometimes aren't they!! smile


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Thanks Jo...

Now I don't feel so silly :}

Here I was thinking I was the only one going through this with my husband... gosh I have tried to avoid bunny and teddy bear prints too. I have bought blue / yellow / whilte bonds suits and have tried to stick to plain colours too.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I agree, men are funny creatures sometimes... especially when it comes to the masculinity of their baby boys... hee, hee. wink

Hi Michelle
When we were setting up the room for George I painted 3 walls a buttery yellow and the 4th a deep greyish blue. I also painted the cot the same blue. Unfortunately I couldn't afford to do anything about the curtains which are pink, but I felt the fabric was great (being velvet it blocks out the light quite well).
To decorate I got a Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore wall decoration (no piglet, he's just too pink!), both in the Walt Disney version. I also bought a cot duvet panel of the original Winnie the Pooh and hand stitched around the characters to make a great wall hanging. Most of the background on this is blue and green, so not girlie.
One thing the guys seem to like is a soccer or rugby ball somewhere in the room (on a shelf at the beginning).
For clothes, most seemed to be blue, yellow or green.
My husband didn't seem to object to any of this.

Hope some of this helps

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

DIDO Ladies,,,,,

My man is all about the LIL MAN being "Too girly"

i have been shopping so much but being a mum of 2 girls it is so hard to decide what is "Boyish", everything pastel to me looks girly but thats only cause i dressed my girls in them, im just doing all the bright colours or sportsy stuff the only pastels i have got are PJ's,,,,,

the nursery is the hardest, i have a family basinet (Its is like 26 yrs old) my man thinks its to feminine........

So yeap guess what i am doing, sewing new covers and new veil:)smilesmile

Good luck with the shopping >>>> but hey being the women WE DONT MIND:)smilesmilesmile
Hi Michelle

My husband's motto when we were working on our boy's nursery was Less is Best What is it with these dads???
So we kept the room the original coffee( lite brown) colour and added a border of navy blue, and ivory around the room. The result is really quite stunning i must say we felt like that show Queer eye for the straight guy lOL

We added the cot, change table and my dear granny's old rocking chair which are all dark wood and the bed sheets and curtains are all mainly white which really brightened up the whole effect.

Hubby gave me a HUGE teddy bear for our first wedding anniversary 7 years ago and his idea was to hang teddy in one corner on a swing, which he built himself. Our house has really tall ceilings.

So the room was now complete!

I have since added a few special items that are the baby's ie His tiny little foot and hand moulds framed, a wooden toy box he got from his godparents at his christening...also i have placed a few picture frames of him with each milestone so far we have James at birth, James's first smile, James first Xmas, James crawling!!!

As you know they grow so quickly so just a few jumpsuits of varried sizes is plenty. For Jamie, i bought the bonds suits in white, baby blue, lime and yellow which ALL looked gorgeous on him and you can buy the matching bonds singlets for each jump suit which look cute as. I also had matching dummies but thats another story...

We live in Melbourne so 9 mths in the year it is quite cool.

So for going out clothes i loved anything denim, denim shorts, denim pants, denim overalls as you can put them on boys with a short sleeve Tshirt, long sleeve T-shirt plus or minus Jacket. Sizes dont matter either as you can always roll denim and they look gorgeous even a little bigger, on babies. Also if you keep them unisex you can pass them down to your other babies as long as they do not have pink trimming smile

I could go on and on but i better stop as i am rambling as Hubby always says to me.

Good luck with all the shopping Michelle and enjoy every moment!!!!!
Take care

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

Hi Helen and all the other Mum's who replied...

Thankyou so much for all of your fantastic ideas! smile

You have all given me some wonderful ideas. It is nice to see that I am not the only one with a husband concerned about things being too girly... when I first poted this I thought you might all think I was a little silly :}

I loved all the decorating ideas and since we are about to move into a new house I am going to see what I can come up with... will keep you all posted.

With clothes we have kept everything pretty plain and simple, although my husband bought a gorgeous little demin jacket a feww sizes too big, that our little man will be able to wear over the top of bonds suits and the like.

I am not a traditional pink for girls... blue for boys person, my daughter actually has a lot of blues and purples in her room, so chances are I will do lots of bright and fun colours for our boy too. I am actually thinking blues and greens for our boys room.

Well, thanks again and please keep all those great ideas coming. I really do appreciate them smile

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