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Non-surgical Circumcision Lock Rss

Hi there,

About a year or so ago on A Current Affair (i think) a story was run about a family that had their 1yo boy circumcised in QLD - I think Brisbane, using a plastic bell type thing - anyway does anyone know anything about this? Please let me know.

April, NT

Hi mili,

I posted a topic about circumcision here at Huggies. Here is the link to the topic...

I live in Queensland and wanted to know about circumcision here. I hope some of the answers I got will help you too.

Just copy and paste the link to the address bar to get to my post.

Let me know if you have any trouble.

Hi Michelle,
Just wondering if you contacted Dr Russell at all...looks like an option for me.

April, NT

Hi mili,

No I haven't contacted Dr Russell yet. I am going to speak to the few local doctors in my area, before I make my final decision.

Did you find the info at my post useful?

Hope to hear more from you soon.

Hi Michelle,
Sorry - YES thanks SO much for your post - GOLLY it has saved me and DH so much hassle. I am so grateful. I rang the Dr Russell...after reading all your replies...and the receptionist was just so lovely about it all He is the DR from the Current Affair show and he is also very qualified...there is a website also whch i never found in my searches on the net...i only ever got negative info.
Anyway it'lll all work out in the end, I am having him circ. but not for a while as I live in NT and have to get to Brissie. But I really think it is for the best and Ive heard from a couple of medical sources that circ is on the rise - plus like you say I don't want to risk it being an Operation when he is older.
Really thank you for replying!
Have you got a name picked? July is he due...not long now!
Joel is my first!

April, NT

Hi mili,

Yes my little boy is due July 30. We are thinkong of calling him William Wyatt... but this could change as we have spent the past few months changing our minds about the middle name.

I am keen to circumcise my son as you would have read at my post. If none of the doctors local to me are satisfactory I will be contacting Dr Russell. I am glad you got a good response when you contacted his receptionist. Makes me feel very positive about it.

Thankyou for letting me know how you went and I am glad that my previous post was of help to you also.

How old is little Joel? And when do you think you will get him circumcised? Would love to hear more from you soon.

Michelle smile

Hi Michelle,
Joel is 4 weeks old today (at 11.35am!) he is our first born (we lost 3 bubbies before). We aren't going to get him circumcised until he is about 12 months...not ideal but due to circumstances...we can't get to Brisbane before than. I had a great chat, like I said, with the receptionist and feel happy about this choice.

William Wyatt is a great choice...we didn't go with a middle name - talk about the comments you get! "Doesn't he have a middle name?" My mum was the worst! You have a daughter also? What is her name? Did you have a normal (is there such a thing?) birth with her?

Anyway I hope it all works out with the local dr's. I rang one of mine- who I'd been told circumcised and the receptionist was veyr short with me and said "He doesn't do it anymore" I felt judged...but anyway here I am going on - you can tell Joel is asleep!
smile A

April, NT

Hi April,

Well for what is worth I have a brother and he doesn't have a middle name either! It is pretty common not to have a middle name. Joel is a sweet name and is nice on its own.

I am sorry to hear you lost 3 bubbies before your son... I lost 2 bubbies before I had my daughter Madeleine Michelle (Maddy)... she is almost 17 months old now and really starting to test and challenge her mummy and daddy. Maddy will be 19.5 months old when her brother is born and we are very happy about the close age gap.

We were fortunate enough to conceive on our very first attempt for this little boy on the way, so we count our blessings.

You asked about my daughter's birth... well it was a normal delivery, but just took an agonising 14 hours to get her out. (If you want the full story read the post called Birth Stories - here). I shared the full details there.

I must say too Congrats on your bubby Joel being 4 weeks today... that is so lovely. I hope you are enjoying motherhood. Your first Mother's Day is fast approaching too!

Well that's my big chat for now... would love to hear more about you and precious Joel soon.

Michelle smile
Hi Again,

I wanted to ask... what was your labour and birth like with Joel???

Michelle smile

Hi Michelle,
Firstly I love the choices of names - Madeleine Michelle is niece's middle name is Michelle.
I like the age gap also - we think about 18 months - 2 years apart. I'm 29yo so the closer the better I reckon!
I'll have to see how I go with Joel though - gotta wait until I forget all about the delivery too! In short (I'll get around to posting my births story one day!) I started getting contractions on the Tuesday...they got more painful but not closer together, ie weren't sent home...they eased off and were 20mins apart until the Thursday night, when they came on quicker...went from 15 mins apart to 3 mins apart pretty quick, eased off in shower...I ran out of hot water and they were no longer easing off in shower so went to hosp...about 12.30am on the Friday (my b'day - April 2)...labour was pretty text book...used gas during transition...then my midwife left and that was the worst thing EVER! A new midwife came - male - and I didn't gell with him at all (in hindsight wish I'd screamed at first mw to stay!). Had prolonged pushing stage...he ended up bursting the membranes and the contractions got fierce and I wasn't coping. THey got the Dr and thank the Lord, I knew him and he was excellent. The mw thought I might need the suction to help get him out but the Dr said that I could do it myself and talked me through to the end and Joel was born at 11.35am after 2.5 - 3 hours pushing!
It was totally not what I expected...I thought, this is the worst that it is going to get and then it would just get worse and worse!!! Hehehe...need to forget it before I am brave and go back again like you!

I gave birth at a good hospital though...they were really forward thinkoing, and let me led!
Anyway best go...good to chat to you - Take care,

April, NT

Hi April,

All is well with me at 28 weeks pregnant and my husband and I have finally agreed on a name for our little boy... William Wyatt. So we will have Madeleine Michelle and William Wyatt.

Your labour story brought back some memories... and I swore I'd never have another baby after giving birth to my daughter. I thought it was the most traumatic experience of my life... but 10 months later I found myself pregnant again and excited about another baby on the way!

I am getting a little nervous as my due date draws closer... only 12 weeks to go and then, well... who knows??? I've told my doctor I want a 4 hour text book labour and he just smiled at me - I'm not kidding!!!

I had a change of mid wives durring my labour too, and the one I had bonded to for 8 hours left and a different one delivered my daughter! But they were both women and both very nice from what I can remember. I guess it is a hard thing to ask a mid wife to work beyond her 8 hour shift - but at the same time when you need that person to reassure you... well it's a tough subject isn't it?

We have something in common too... I am 29 years old also. I had my daughter when I was 27 - almost 28 and I told my husband that if we were going to have another baby I wanted it to be before I was 30! So I will still be 29 when this bub is born and then that's it for us. One of each sex, the perfect pair... and still young enough to enjoy them growing up.

Have enjoyed chatting with you and would LOVE to hear more about little Joel...

Bye for now,
Michelle smile

Hi there!
Well Joel has just started to have these screaming fits!!!!!!!! I have already been down to the clinic (it's nothing of course - i'm a first timer!) took me until 1pm today to get him settled...well he had maybe 10 minute sleeps here and there...maybe it's colic? I dunno...I am sick of everyone's opinions and advice...he does get pains and I think its due to the fact that I have a fast letdown and he drinks too fast (but it's all theories) the reality is HIGH MAINTENANCE!
And get this - I am travelling, from here - NT, all the way to Canberra next Monday (for 2 weeks) WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Well I am bridesmaid in a wedding so no choice - but golly I am NOT looking forward to it. DH can't come...hey is it safe to pass on emails here? That's if you'd prefer to email directly!
I gotta run now, trying to do baby thankyous - why on earth???
Good to chat, sorry to cut this short but he is stirring and I need to finish at least 5!
Chat soon

April, NT

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