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My tip for restless sleepers in pregnancy Lock Rss

Hello all,

Now that I am 27 weeks into my second pregnancy I am starting to feel restless and twitchy when I go to bed at night. Some nights I have tossed and turned for hours with very little rest. Recently I got so fed up that I went and had a long hot (I know hot showers are not recommended, but you do what you have to do) shower at 2am!! I then went straight back to bed and was asleep within a few minutes!! I have since found that if I can't relax or sleep if I have a hot shower and go straight to bed I can go to sleep!! It may not work for everyone, but it works for me... and if you are like me, willing to give anything a go for a bit of rest... why not give it a try???

Good luck to all those who are going through the sleepless nights and twitchy legs... hope this helps you.

If you have any other ideas, list them here too. That way we can all try new things to get through this uncomfortable stage.

hi i to was alot of trouble sleeping, my legs were really restless and i was only getting about an hour a night.
i spoke to my midwife and she said that if i got really desperate she could give me a sleeping tablet. i really didnt want to do this so i went to the health food shop and i got somthing called Weleda, Avena comp. sedative drops.
they are perfectly safe for the baby.
They taste and smell really bad but work wonders.
I just take 15 drops on a t spoon before i go to bed and i get a decent night sleep. and its all natural and you cant get dependent on it.
they have a web site its
you can buy it in NZ and Australia.
I hope this helps anyone as much as it has me.


Mum to Dylan

Hi Michelle,

Seems like I have exactly the same problems as you at exactly the same time!! Just when I think the heartburn and leg cramps have gone I too have been sleeping really restlessly this last week or more. Maybe this is just natures way of preparing me for the sleepless nights which are soon to come smile

During my first 7 months of pregnancy I have never slept better in my life (don't think a tornado could've waken me).

I actually find showers normally wake me up but might just give the hot shower a try tonight before bed.

I look forward to also hearing about any other ideas to help stop this tossing and turning all night cause I am waking up in the morning feeling as though I haven't slept!!!!

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo,

I'd love to hear if the hot shower helped you or not? I am still having major success with it! A hot shower and then straight into bed... within 5 minutes I am usually relaxed and asleep.

I really hope it has helped you.

One other tip is don't let your feet get cold!!

Michelle wink
Hi Michelle,

I had a hot shower before bed last night and yes I did go out like a light. Only problem was I woke up about 4 hours later and the rest of the night was tossing and turning.

I am sooooo exhausted this week from not sleeping well ... like you said in another post ... it is just part of the joys of the third trimester I think!!!

Thanks for the hot shower tip though ... even if it gives me a solid few hours sleep that is better than none smile


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)


I just noticed that you live in Qld... so do I. Where abouts? If you'd rather not say I'll understand. I live in South East Queensland.

Glad the hot shower tip gave you some relief too!! If you wake up and are really restless... try another shower. I had 2 last night about 3 hours apart... sigh!

Michelle smile

hi well when i was pregnant with my first i used to have trouble sleeping in later pregnancy so i started sleeping with a flat pillow between my legs and it really made me sleep better and could get sleep alot easier by doing this i am now pregnant with my second and later on in my pregnancy when i am restless i will use my pillow again and hopefully works this time to if not will give the hot shower a go.
Hi Nat,

I have a flay pillow too... but it is the relaxing to get to sleep that causes me the most grief. Usually I get all restless abd twitchy, but so far the hot shower right before bed is working a treat. I have slept soundly every night for the past week (touch wood) so I can only hope this continues.

Thanks for sharing your tip.

Hi Michelle,

Feeling a lot better this morning cause I slept a bit better over the weekend. My most comfortable position to sleep is on my back ... but you are not supposed to. I constantly wake up laying on my back and then flip over onto my side ... oops.

Hope you are getting more sleep! The hot shower before bed and pillows between the legs and around me have been a big help. My partner comes to bed and asks 'Where have his pillows gone??' - to which I lift up the doona and show him - he he.

I too am in SEQ. I live in Logan and work down the Coast (just 5 weeks of work to go ... wonder some days if I will work the full 5 weeks though cause my tiredness effects me at work the most smile


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo,

I have been bumping into you all over this forum! I guess I can relate very well to your stage of pregnancy seeing as how we aren't due that far apart...

I just realised that I know where you live as my in-laws live at Logan Village and we go there quite often, I am further inland probably 2 hours away from where you are... its a small world!

Sleep goes like this... good, bad, very bad, great, great, bad, good, very bad... and so on. I am just greatful for the good nights anything more than that is a bonus!

Hope all is well with you...

Michelle smile
Hi, I have found another good thing well for me anyway, is to have a nice hot milo and sandwhich before bed. (peanut butter i might add)
My husband was giving me a hot milky milo, mostly milk with a couple of spoonfuls of milo, that really helped. Apparently warm milk is good b4 bed.

Mummy to Malachi - 24 July 2004

... I must add that I think Milo is a godsend too, especially hot and right before bed! smile

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