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What offensive/inappropriate comments/opinions do you get? Lock Rss

I've heard some horror stories of comments passed by people about another persons pregnancy.

The most common one I get when I tell them I'm pregnant is "was it planned"? In my opinion, it's none of their business if it was planned or not!

So what are some of the inappropriate comments that have been made to you that get your blood boiling and what was your response?

BTW - it was planned smile
this is kind of going off the track a bit but my mum is constantly telling me that i need to loose wait if my husband and i are going to have any chance of conceiving again(im a size 14) so not huge and then she goes on about if i get pregnant i'll end with diabetes and die-really charming mother

Just after the birth of my first child I was asked (by my mother of all people) if I was going onto the single mum's pension. When I asked her why I would be doing that seeing I was with my baby's father at the time, she replied "Well you aren't married."

Hmmm, I don't think it works that way in this day and age!!!
I've been getting "oh your huge this time around, you weren't that big with Haze" then my hubby gets "geez your missus is big". If i hear that one more time i'm just going to slap whoever says it.

As if i don't know that I'm bigger this pregnancy...grrrr

DD - 22nd May 06, DS - 2nd Oct 08

I too get the "OMG your huge" "Your going to pop" "are you sure its not twins" from just about everyone I walk past, why do strangers think its ok to call you huge just because were preg????
Yep, I get the "whoah! You must be about to pop!" "Did you swallow a beachball?" "are you sure there isnt two in there?"....geez it annoys me! Im pregnant! My belly is supposed to be this way. Ive resorted to saying to people "Im 37 weeks pregnant- whats your excuse?", LOL! I also have a 14 month old and EVERYONE feels the need to say to me "ooh, you are going to have your hands full...what did you go and want another so soon for?" Makes me want to slap them. IF we hadnt wanted bub we would have taken steps to avoid the whole getting pregnant bit, LOL!
I also find people want to touch your belly- its like because it pokes out they have the right to maul it! Having said that, I met the most charming (and very gay) man in Bakers Delight and he was nearly in tears at what he calls "the miracle of life" and told me how jelous he was that he'd never carry a baby! He asked permission to feel my belly and bubba kicking- now how could I say no to someone like that smile

Yep, I get the whole "are you sure that you're not having twins" too and the belly rubbing annoys me a bit too.

My biggest peeve at the moment is that everyone thinks it's thier right to know the sex and names chosen, then go on to say that the names you have chosen are crap or worse, the name of thier friends dog. P***es me off!

Also, I have a beautiful DD and now 23 weeks pg with DS and they say "oh you won't need anymore then" and when you say 'actually, I would like one more after this one' they look at you and give awful comments about why you should not have anymore. Like I have no right wanting anymore. I just want to smack them. Some people have even gone as far as telling DH to get 'the snip' so we can't have anymore. Who the hell do they think they are? Don't they realise that sort of crap can cause tension in relationships (especially when it has been said so many times that DH almost considered it)
People telling me "you have to find out the sex!", and asking me what names we have picked out.

We don't want to know the sex, and have no intention of telling people the names that are special to hubby and I only to have them shot down because so-and-so already has that name, or the other person doesn't like that name and we should pick a different one!

Mrs C.

My comments have been about my body and body functions.... one strange man that I do not know asked me how many times I go pee in a day. I wanted to turn around and ask him how many times he goes to the bathroom in a day. COME ON!!!!

The other one was a lady that I worked with, she came up to me and asked me if I had thrush more and if it 'smells' different.

Why do strangers think they can ask such personal questions? I understand they are excited but there is a limit to what you can ask!!!!
It certainly seems that people think that they have the right to ask/tell you anything when you're pregnant!

I mean I would never say "geesh you're really ugly, have you considered plastic surgery" or "you're really fay, why don't you go on a diet?".
I've had quite a few.
When i announced to everyone at work that i was pregnant, on girl commented "omg are you keeping it?"... not sure why anyone would think i wasn't - i'm 25, have a great job, and my partner and i couldn't be more excited. I sarcastically said back "no, i'm just telling everyone even though i'm not keeping it".
A few weeks later, we had a morning tea after a work meeting and a few of the other girls were fussing about the baby and my growing belly. Then the same girl came up and said "I don't want to alarm you, but my friend was pregnant and the baby was fine all through the pregnancy and then it was still-born... oh i don't want to scare you, i just don't want you to get your hopes up". ???? The thing is, she wasn't even trying to be mean, it's just a really bizarre thing to say. I think she was maybe jealous of the attention i was getting.
My mother also asked me if i'll be getting an "unmarried mothers pension". She has no problem that we aren't married - we told her a long time ago that we don't believe in it for ourselves (we're not religious and have no cultural needs for marriage). I *wish* i could get money for just not being married!
A lot of people have also asked me if i'm have twins. I'm measuring up as 29 weeks - which is spot on. I think i just look bigger because i have a tiny frame. People have commented i look like i've just stuck a basketball under my shirt.
The one that really annoys me is:

"My god, your so big! You must be having a big baby"

... Big compared to what? Other pregnant women?? How can you tell how big my baby is??

Everyone seems to become a f**king doctor when your pregnant and know everything about pregnancy and babies...
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