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rib pain? Lock Rss

I feel like someone has been kicking me in the chest and upper back anyone else had this? Got app with ob tomorrow but just curious soooo painful! and everything else hurts to sad o well wont be much longer I guess!
sory I don't have any good news. as I had this with my first pregnancy, DS was head own from week 34 and he contantly pushed on my ribs so I always felt like I was brused, even after he was born my ribs were sore for about another two weeks.

O well, I guess i'll have to put up with it! lol ob wasnt concerned only 4 more weeks .......
I had something similar to the pain you're describing. My chiropractor was able to relieve some of the discomfort. But yeah, it did seem to stick around until bubs was out.

yeah i have had alot of rib pain, but has been slightly better since baby has engaged smile

i got this when i wasnt preg. really hurt i got prescribed with pandene forte (sp) hope i dont get it ever again!

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