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I have a question for all those out there with twins. i had my first ultrasound at 7 weeks and it said that i was haveing one child. However i am now 4.5 months preggers and look like i am nearly ready to give birth. While i have my next ultrasound on Wedensday I am just wondering if there are any mothers out there with twins (even though they were told that they were only haveing one child). I have been told that they could have syncronized heartbeats, and that they could hide behind the outer. Would love any info that anyone can give meabout this as my daughter is the survival of tripplets.

little monkeys

I have also heard that they can be laying very close so hard to detect. So you have only had the one ultrasound so far?????

At least this next ultrasound will be able to let you know either way as they /it would of grown considerably.

I had twins just over a year ago and found out at 6 weeks as 1 was at the top 1 was at the bottom, and what they thought was a lot of blood clots inbetween.

Sorry to here about the none surviving triplets. If you dont mind me asking, and please do not answer if you dont want but were they lost while carrying or after birth,sorry, why I ask to as that I think I may of been carrying triplets and passed one around 13 weeks

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hi Deonne

I have twin brothers, (27yrs) & when mum was pregnant only one was picked up, right up until she was in labour & the doctor said "oh gee there's another one" & both mum & dad replied "ANOTHER WHAT!!!!, & yes she had her second little man 5 minutes after the first.

twins run in our family so fingers crossed i'll be the lucky one to carry twins - i'm a gemini star sign which is twins, so it would be very nice & to have my mum on 24 hour call for the first 4 months....hehehehe
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