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Itchy Skin Rss

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to relieve itchy skin. My skin has been really itchy on my belly and breasts lately and it is driving me crazy trying to refrain from itching. I thought it may be just the skin stretching so I have been rubbing the Palmers cocoa butter in twice a day instead of once but that is not helping.

If anyone has any suggestions for relief I would be extremely grateful.

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi jo79. I am sorry I dont have any wonder cures for you! Have you tried a baby oil bath? As you know itchy skin is normal due to the stretching, hormones and the skin drying etc. However if it is really bad there is a condition you can get while pregnant which causes BAD itching. If you have this you can get medication for it. You might like to see you Dr or Obs on your next visit if you can wait that long just to check. I am not trying to frighten you as nothing is wrong with you or your baby it is just another lovely thing that can happen during pregnancy. Good luck
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Hi Jo,

Well here is some information about itchy skin in pregnancy... if it is severe and you are feeling really uncomfortable you should go to your doctor, a blood test can be done to check your liver function which can have a problem causing the itchy skin you are talking about.

However it is common in pregnancy usually in the last trimester when the skin is really stretching to experience dry itchy skin. There are lots of things you can try to help eleviate some of the discomfort, like avoiding soaps and perfumed products or any skin products with alcohol bases.

I personally have found Bathox Aloe Vera body wash to be great in the shower and using unsented moisturiser on my skin straight after my shower while my skin is still moist to be a big help. My GP also advised increasing your water intake if possible too and avoiding air conditioning.

Hope this helps you a little.

Hi Jo,
We meet again...
The midwife told me last week that Pinetarsol (if that's how you spell it) is very good for the itch's. I was just about going in sane.
Its the same stuff they use for children with chickenpox. She said to use it straight or as a shower cream - check with your doctor or pharmacist to clarify!
Hope this helps..

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

My itch has now turned into a full-blown itchier rash all over my tummy.

I rang the hospital and they said it sounds like a 'pregnancy rash' and all you can really do is apply lotions to sooth the itch.

Has anyone heard of this rash before? I was trying to read up on it and it looks like I might be stuck with it now till the baby is born (8 weeks).


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo,

I get a rash on my bottom and upper outer part of my thighs (of all places!)... my doctor also said it is just pregnancy rash. It gets a prickly itchy feeling which feels worse when hit with hot water. I apply aloe vera gel to help soothe it (like the stuff you would apply for sun burn). It helps a little. As for how long it will last - the same as you... probably till my baby is born (12 weeks). Good luck finding something to make you a little more comfortable.

Michelle tongue
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