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Is second baby bigger? Lock Rss


I am 19 weeks with my second pregnancy and feel soooo much bigger this time. I was just curious as to whether your second baby is usually bigger than your first?

im 19 weeks also and i am feeling exactly the same! i think i was about this size at about 25 weeks with my DS. Its because all your tummy muscles have stretched, where as last time they were toned and tight this time they are already lose.
also yes baby is generally bigger second time round, but usally not by alot, and its hard to tell by just looking at your belly how big baby is, alot of the time the doctors get it wrong when they guess the size!
Hope this helps!

I'm much bigger this time around mind you thats because I never got back to pre pregnancy size with my first and had a belly and a bit to begin with. Plus apparently you show sooner with your second.

I've had the 18-20 week ultrasound and bub is measuring perfectly for dates so no larger than normal despite my size. I get a really big belly when I'm pregnant but its no indication to babys size, my first DD was 6 pound 10 - everyone (family & friends) told me to expect a big baby because my tummy was big and they were all wrong. My Obgyn said this baby will be roughly 2.8 to 3.3kg so not that much bigger and maybe even around same size as first born.
Hey there,

My obs has assured me that the subsequent babies can be bigger or smaller. I'm measuring a bit smaller than when I carried my first too.

My mum had three kids, starting with my older brother, me and then my younger sister. My brother actually ended up being the biggest of us kids, then me and finally my sister.

I also have a few friends that second and third babies were actually smaller than the first.

my first baby was a boy and 9lb5oz and my second one was a girl and i lucked out and had a small than the first also an easier birth.this one is a boy andi think he will be just as big as my first.on the other hand i know someone who had a 9lb first child and basically for each child after that went up a pound(she has 4 kids)so really you wouldn`t be able to tell if the next one is going to be bigger or smaller than the last.
my first was 3.76kg born at 42 weeks and second one was 3.65kg born on due date (both pregancy's r boys) now im preg with bub 3 a girl and its probably gonna be same size.

izacc,ethan and mya

Posted by: mollyjade

I am 19 weeks with my second pregnancy and feel soooo much bigger this time. I was just curious as to whether your second baby is usually bigger than your first?


For me, Yes, number 2 was much bigger, but he was also cooked for 4 and a half weeks longer!

#1 2820g (6lb 3oz) 5 weeks early
#2 4460g (9lb 13oz) 3 days early
#3 4600g (10lb 2oz) 10 days early
#4 4040g (8lb 15oz) 4 days early

Good Luck!!
I def felt like I was bigger during my 2nd preg.

But my 1st son was 3.4kg and my 2nd son was 3.5kg, so nearly identical in weight.

im 12-13 weeks with #2 and i dont know if baby is bigger but im definately looking bigger - with ds i was very small - he was 7.5lb but im very tall and thin and my belly didn't get really huge - this time i feel heaps fat LOL
actually - i had a post a while ago - about second pregnancies - if anyone is interested in posting id love to hear answers - it was about gender and different pregnancies...-ill re post it smile
hi my first was a boy at 9lbs 3 oz(4155) and my second boy was 8lbs 5oz(3780). So yeah mine got smaller.

Am currently 25 weeks pregnant with a girl so hoping for a smaller baby. Preferalby about 6.5lbs-7.5lbs.

Will let you know once shes born what she weighed.

i was huge with first bub got told i looked smaller second time around and this time i feel huge but i still think that i am smaller than with the boys.

i had 2 boys.... first 3.59kg, 2nd 4.04kg.

it does depend on the sex of the baby and if there is any complications during the pregnancy so you can never really say... one guess is as good as another - and you never know till you give birth... even the U\S's can be wrong determining size...
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