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When did your milk (colostrum) start ? Lock Rss

When did you start leaking milk? (colostrum) I'm currently 24 weeks with my second and my milk started leaking on thursday. My fiance is convinced I'm going to have this one early too. I had my daughter 8 weeks early and I can't remember when my milk came in last time.

Thanks heaps


2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

Hi Mandy,

I never had any leaking...even second time around! But my sister reakons she knows she is preganant as boobs start to leak!

Although, i never leaked in 6 months of why would i then?

Hope you get better responses than mine,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Mandy

My milk started leaking at about 24 weeks and my son was born 2 days after his due date and I had to be induced, so I don't think it has much to do with the delivery date.

All the best
Im 29 weeks pregnant with my first child. My colustrum started leaking at 24 weeks also. I dont know whether it will mean early delivery though because this is my first.

Goodluck with your pregnancy!

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Mine started around the 24 - 25 week mark also. And I am 31 weeks, I hope it doesn't mean baby comes early.


Mummy to Malachi - 24 July 2004

hey thanks heaps everyone!!

It's nice to know i'm a little normal smile


2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

Hey there

I started leaking colostrum when I was also 24 weeks pregnant and since having my son on April 3, 2004 I found that he was three weeks early (although according to my dates he was on time and weighed a normal birth weight). But I have found ever since I had him that I have had a considerable amount of milk once I had it all come through and it is at the point where I am alos leaking through my tops (eew).

Hope this helps at all.

SA, beautiful baby boy born 3/04/04 my life

Hi yummymummy,

I am 30+ weeks into my second pregnancy and have just started to experience the tingling sensation I used to get when my milk came down for my first bub's feeds... I sure hope I don't start leaking yet. 10 weeks with leaky breasts? What fun would that be??? At this stage I can express a tiny amount of colostrum after a warm shower. But with my first I didn't even think there was milk in there until my daughter had her first feed and the flood gates opened...

Goodluck leaky mumma's... wink

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