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Waters Leaking? Lock Rss

Has anyone experienced their waters leaking? If so how did you know it was waters, rather than discharge?

My waters broke in a huge gush so it was kinda obvious for me.
The fluid has a very unique smell.I can't remember it exactley but I've heard it being described as a 'sperm' smell.
Gross but if this is happening to you, you should put a pad on and smell it.
Ring your midwife as well as it's better to get checked out just in case.

It took me all day to tell my hubby I thought my waters were leaking coz it was really hard to confuse it for discharge or my bladder LOL
I guess Iknew coz every time I went to the loo I would be wiping away a clear liquid and was having to go to the toilet all the time coz I could feel myself leaking.
It was so slow though that in the end we just rung my midwife and she tested it.

sorry double post smile]
[Edited on 11/09/2008]

My waters leaked for 5 days with DS#2 before I realised what was happening. The leak was really slow and felt just like I was peeing myself and on top of that I was not expecting it as I was only 29+ weeks gestation (DS#2 was born at 30 weeks gestation). If you are concerned there is a test the midwives can do to tell you if it is amniotic fluid or not. Just wear a pad and take it in to the hospital.

Take care and good luck for your impending birth.
Trudie xxx

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

I had been leaking my water for 3 weeks before my last baby was born. I didn't have a clue! I had been wearing a pad since I miscarried a twin at 9w 5d, so I had no idea I was leaking - I just figured it was wee - I have a very weak bladder, so I leak if I cough or sneeze.

The only clue I had, was the weekly ultrasounds that I had been having, 11 hours before my baby's birth, there was more fluid in the baby's bladder and stomach than around her, thankfully though it is all ok. Baby arrived after 50 mins of contractions, and was born in the sac, when the sac was broken, there was no fluid that came out. The midwife tells me it was a dry birth - I hadn't heard of a dry birth up until then.

I have been told that the amniotic fluid replaces itself, and can do by about a cup an hour - I have no idea if mine replaced itself, I do know that over 3 weeks there was less and less....

Good Luck - you are so close now! I cant wait to hear the updates!
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