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How early could you tell you were pregnant? Lock Rss

My DH and I have been trying for a baby for the past 12 months now and after two miscarriages earlier this year we decided to have a break for a few months and try for a honeymoon baby.

I know after one year of trying and what I have experienced I am in pretty good tune with my body but I could tell I was pregnant from ever increasing sore boobs around five days before my period was due.

I waited until my period was due, did a test and lo and behold got a pretty faint but positive pregancy test.

I am just taking it in my stride (otherwise known as self preservation mode) but wonder have any other women experienced the same thing as I know I am not being paranoid, I just know what I felt.

Would love to hear other womens stories .....

Thank you gasp)
i felt exactly the same with my ds, i had really sore/tender breasts, i also felt really nauseas from the start, i didn't even do a test at home i went straight to the doctor on a saturday morning with dh, and sure enough it came up positive.

it is very funny how you no something is different with your body and you can feel it yourself.
I was 100% positive i was pregnant about 9 days before AF was due. And i was. YAY!

Congratulations on you BFP! Hope everythign goes well!


i know how you feel also did a test on sunday and monday just to be sure and also had a faint line, but hey it was a line so i have my fingered crossed too.
I didnt even have any symptoms with DD but I just instinctively knew a week before my period was due that I was pregnant. I took a test the day AF was due, and got a faint positive, so I went to the doc next day for a blood test and sure enough there was a baby in there!

Good luck, hope everything works out for you!

I knew a week after we started trying that something was going on. It was either intuition or very wishful thinking! I'm very in tune with my body as I've done yoga and meditation for you can imagine it was a very biiiiig few weeks of waiting for my period to be due just to get that confirmation!! I tested on the day it was due and it was positive! *so i did a big bum dance in my room* HAHAHA

I had no symptoms, just a gut feeling.
I knew with all of mine when I was only about one week pregnant... just knew!

boys, boys, boys

With my second son I knew from the very start, I even said to hubby "we just made a baby", he thought I was nuts, but sure enough I was preg. With this one it was a week before AF, i had nausea, sore boobs and just knew. Still ended up taking 3 home preg kits though, even when I missed my period. We were very surprised, had only gone off the pill the month before.

Thank you to all that replied and shared your stories.

I did another pregnancy test the week afterwards (just to be sure) and lo and behold two matching dark lines appeared within seconds, hence baby nickname is now the stripe!.

We have both managed to stay calm, focussed and tried not think about it too much over the weeks however my constant sore boobs and tiredness (to the point I have actually gone to bed for an hour as soon as I get home from work a couple of times this week)has been a bit of a reminder.

We are going for our scan on Monday as we will be just over 7 weeks and by then we should be able to see a heartbeat if there is one (please god).

Of course the paranoia has started to creep in a little now when I start to convince myself my boobs aren't feeling as sore as they were a few days ago, why aren't feeling as tired as I was a few days ago etc etc.

So fingers crossed for Monday, I am really, really going to try and stay positive and hopefully the stripe will be alive and flickering at us on Monday.

I hope sooooo much that everything goes well for you on Monday and you come out of the ultrasound with a big smile!

smile Keep us up to date!
Great news, we had our first scan yesterday (seven weeks) and we have a heart beat not just any old heart beat but a strong trojan one (my DH's words not mine!).

We are absolutely delighted, I am going to have my HCG levels continuously monitored to make sure everything is going ok and have another scan next week but there was a heart beat and our prayers have been answered.
Congrats AKLRosie!!
Great to hear that everything was fine smile
I wish you all the best in your pregnancy!
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