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PANADOL not helping any other remediesPLZ Lock Rss

Hi pregas ladies out there I desperately need some advice my back (lower) is so sore lately I have had sciatica in my earl pregnancy but this is not that I think anyway. It feels as though my butt cheeks are corked and I just have this aching constantly in this area, sometimes when I wake in the middle of the night I dont want to move cause it is so painful. My bub is breach at the moment I am not sure if this is causing some of the pain or not. But I need help panadol is not working for me at all. And I am just so over it, its starting to upset me I just wanted to enjoy the last part of my pregnancy as its the last bub for us.
Any advice would be wonderful.

Mumma of 3.


I get the same pain, it can be excruciating to roll over in bed at night and it catches me through the day every now and then brings tears to my eyes and makes me cry out in pain!!! Bubs position may have a lot to do with your pain too bub may be pressing against a nerve.

I haven't even bothered with panadol as it is likely to do bugger all for that sort of pain. I use heatpacks at bedtime to help get to sleep. I lay on my side cuddling a body pillow between my legs which helps. I get hubby to give me a back rub every now and then. Have you tried using a belly belt/support??? They can shift the weight of your bump and help with back pain too.

You could also try massage or chiro therapy, some people swear by it for helping with pain in pregnancy.

For the aching pain I would suggest going to your local chemist and getting some stick on heat strips, they last for up to 8 hours and arent too hot thankfully!

Other than they my only suggestion would be to have a nice soak in the tub (if you have a nice big one they're better cause you can fill em all the way up and it takes alot of the weight and strain off) Chuck some safe bath salts or moisturising balls in and you'll hop out feeling all nice and gooey! smile Just a tip though, get your partner or someone to help you out of the bath as it can get difficult and you don't want to hurt yourself when your already in pain. The bath will also help you get to sleep easier.

Hope this helps...

Thanks girls I do have and use a wheat pack and bedtime and get my partner to massage my back, and 6 out of seven nights I am having a hot milk and lavender bath seems to be the only time I am not in pain. I have also had a few preg massages nothing seems to work I have appt at hosp tomoz I guess I will just have to talk to them about it.

Mumma of 3.

I have had back trouble ever since birth of DD in '06. I started seeing a chiro when she was about 3 months old and have been going every fortnight ever since. I am being induced tomorrow (38wks) and have been going religiously every fortnight right throughout my pregnancy, he has worked wonders.

Ditto to all the above- but you can take stronger pain relief than panadol.

Check with the chemist but panedine and mersyndol (sp?) I have also heard of women being given panedine forte by doctors. But make sure you check with dr/ pharmacist first.
Went to hosp today baby not breach anymore. Panadol is all they said to take and that pain may be less now bubs head down.

Mumma of 3.

A Friend of mine is using a Maternity Belt that she swears by for Sciatica Problems - I am six months pregnant and am also getting bad sciatica pains so have one ordered also. Maybe worth a try!!
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