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I keep hearing about these bounty bags. Though i havnt came accross them myself. So where can I get one from?

hi, i got mine after i'd had bubs - so the hospital or birthing centre. I live in NZ, so not sure if OZ is the same

hi, how are you going? funny that you mention the bounty bag i had never heard about it before and when i booked yesterday to my hosptial for my 14 week appointment the midwife gave me one and she told me that i would be getting another two, one towards the end of my pregnancy and one after i give birth.
What is a bounty bag??? Can some one tell me? I've never heard of it before. lol. Do I want one?

Hi there,

I got mine at the hospital but if you didn't get one you can go onto

They list the outlets etc.

Hope that helps.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

I got my first one at the hospital when i enrolled into the hospital then in that bag there should be a form to get your second one which you take to Target to get then there is one more which i think that you get from Target also but the form is in the second bag. I'm sure that's how you get them but the hospital should give you a pink one with information about being pregnant and stuff like that. hope this helps.

Ok, well yeah I got one from my OB at my second appointment so I was about 12 weeks. I totally forgot about it! lol

Hi there,
I am in Canberra and got mine last week at my antenatal class from the hospital. There are 3 to get in total over a period of time.
Just ask and if not go to the website mentioned.


I asked my OB's office but they didn't stock them- but I believe some do. They sent me over to the private hospital but they have stopped handing them out for whatever reason (they did tell me but baby brain has made me forget). I ended up getting mine from one of the big baby shops but I also think Amcal chemists stock them.

Hope you get your hands on one- they have a few goodies in there (magazine, heartburn tablets etc...)
im in newcastle and last i heard they dont have bounty bags again. i never got one with my first, who is 2 now either
hey leish, they do still have them cause i was at the amcal at edgeworth the other day and they had a big box of them.

the terry white chemist at charlestown square does them also as thats where i got mine from 2 yrs ago, have a look at the website

hey, i live in QLD and my public hospital in cairns said that they dont do bounty bags anymore, something to do with the hospitals didnt want to be used as advertising for companies and their products (they gave me the impression that they dont do them anywhere although obviously not true). I never got one for my 3 year old or my 1 year and i asked both times. So unless that was just that hospital. Dont know, All seems a bit strange to me.

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