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stressing!!!! Lock Rss

Has anyone been due to be a bridesmaid near your due date???

My best friend has set her wedding date 4 days after im due, she told me yesterday im thinking im either going to be huge or im going to be a deflated whale who is very tired.
and no she cant change the date because the venue they want is only free on that day.

Am i right to be stressing??? My ultimate preparation would be to loose weight and try to look my best.

My best friend is also stunning (has done modeling work) and has just had a boob job in preparation for her big day, i feel like i don't want ruin her day and photos.

Yes to be honest i would probably feel stressed about it. What if you are in labour or in hospital still?

I guess you have two options, either explain to her that you don't feel comfortable and wouldn't want to not be able to be there and leave a place in her wedding...

or take the risk.
Whether you are pregnant or recently given birth, i am POSITIVE you will look absolutely stunning.

Utimately the choice is yours. Goodluck hun smile
Wow I don't envy your position.

I'm going to be a bridesmaid 4 months after bub and I'm stressing a little about that but for you 4 days after bub, that will be very full on for you.

What if you go over your due date?

Would your friend be upset if you pulled out?

Could she maybe set you a different special task, e.g reading a poem or passage instead?

But then again you might be fine, it's a choice only you can make.

Best of luck with your decision. Let us know what you decide. XX

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

Firstly, you WIL NOT be ruining her day/photos, you will be absolutely beaautiful no matter what! She is your best friend, she wants you there to help celebrate her big day and she wouldn't have asked you if she didn't want YOU to do the job.

But yes, I will admit, I would be stressing too, you may well be in labour at the time the vows are bieng read. I think that you need to sit down and talk with her about it. I'm sure she would understand if you said you couldn't do it. Like someone else said, maybe you could read a poem or something special.

It is just so hard, because you won't be able to have your dress fitted, because you will have no way of knowing what shape/size you will be and even if you will be up to it all.
If you explain that to her also, she will probably be happy with whatever your decision is. Atleast she has time to get someone else to be bridesmaid if she needs to.

Hi there - I am in the exact same situation as you.

My best friend asked me to be her bridesmaid on the 28th of March next year and I found out about six weeks later that I was pregnant (not planned) and I am due on the 25th of March. I felt so bad about telling her but I rang her up and let her know and I explained that it might be best if she picked someone else as I didn't feel that it was fair on her to not know for sure weather I would be there or not. Also she was wanting to know the dress measurements so she could order the dress and I have no idea whether I will be pregnant or had the baby. I have had two other kids and I know how stressful it is around the due date without having to worry about fitting into a dress and whether or not I would make it to the wedding - I have explained all this to my friend and she is fine with it - she has recently asked someone else to fill my place however I have explained that I really want to be a part of her big day and be involved in someway (if I am there) and she is really happy with that - I am going to be there in the morning when they get their hair and makeup done and I may do a reading at the cermony or say a speech at the wedding (all these things can be given to someone else to do at the last minute if I dont make it). I am going to do my best to be at the wedding and she knows this - but if I have a newborn there on the day it would be way to stressful trying to breastfeed and be a part of the party - that is my opinion anyway. You are still really sore down below after giving birth and I feel that my friend would be better off having me there but not in the party - heaps more relaxed for her and me also.

Hope this helps - crazy how I am going through the same situation as you.

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I think that may be cutting it a bit close.. What if you have to have a C sec then you'll have to be in hospital for at least 4 days.. or if you go overdue or go into labour at the time.. thats what i would be worried about.

But if you've had the bubs then you would look beautiful, you wouldn't ruin the photos, i was a bridesmaid 6 months after birth and since i had twins i was still a bit like a deflated whale, but the bride didn't mind. And everyone thought i looked beautiful!

Then you have the dress to think about, you'll have no idea what size your gonna be, so getting a dress to suit you will be pretty tough, and also if your bubs is born on it's due date having a 4 day old bubs and being a bridesmaid would be pretty hard. It's a very full on day and you don't get much time to look after your baby. Lucky mine were older and could be with their grandparents during the wedding and reception.
Maybe you could think about just reading a poem or something if your able to be there.

[Edited on 24/09/2008]
just rang her and spoke to her she still wants me involved as her maid of honor and doesn't care what i look which is so flattering.
she just told me that the dresses are getting made by the grooms nan so it can be altered on the day hopefully.

i have a feeling bubba will be early i don't know its just a feeling but then again i said that about Dylan and he was 13 days late. I wont be having a c section i want it to be totally natural.

the dates also cant be changed because they have family from new Zealand and Sydney coming for the wedding.

fingers crossed now i don't put on heaps of weight.
Hi laurenjoh!

You are going to look amazing either way! I believe there's nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman or a woman who's just given birth smile Trust your friend, she obviously wants you to be maid of honour either way and is not fussed if you give birth or not on her wedding day. I doubt you will put on any more weight around that time anyhow! smile

Our pregnancy was planned (we're now 22 weeks with our first) and we had already started planning for our own wedding. My fiance thinks it's truly wonderful sharing our day with our unborn baby (I'm going to be 7 months by the wedding!). My maid of honour was also thinking of starting her family and perhaps being pregnant or giving birth around the time of our wedding - unfortunately this did not work out for her at this time - but I thought it would be so awesome!!

Sometimes I find myself wondering if my pre-bought wedding dress - ordered in 3 sizes bigger from my week 13 - will fit...however, I'm getting it altered in the last month before my wedding.

You're going to glow and look amazing - and if your dress is going to be altered, you can make it so it's comfortable for you! smile Hope all goes well!!!! Enjoy the day (I can't wait for mine, cause I'm going to just eat eat eat eat and eat!) HAHAHA
I had exactly the same problem, almost to the tee. My best friend organised her wedding three days after I'm due and had asked me to be a bridesmaid, my only problem is she's getting married nearly six hours from the hospital and my doctor. She also had no idea what to do with the dress and so forth. I felt like a big problem to her and it made me pretty stressed. I want her day to be special and the build up to be exciting, not having to worry about the ever expanding bridesmaid I so clearly am. Anyhow after a chat she was stunned I felt that way, she wants me to be there because we have a special bond and she wasn't worried in the least about anything in between. I'm sure you will look stunning with your ever present pregnancy glow anyhow. Your best friend will want you there because you are special to her, she wouldn't have asked you to be a bridesmaid otherwise. Sadly as the distance is too far to risk, I have had to pull out of the wedding party anyhow and to be honest it was such a hard thing to have to live up to. It will be a sad day because I desperatly want to be there to see her marry the love of her life and a happy day because she's getting married to the love of her life. To be honest, I really wish I could trade places with you, just so I can see my best friend get married. You won't ruin her day, you will enrich her day.
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