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hospital bag Lock Rss

What should i pack in my hospital bag im having a ceaser this is my second baby but first ceaser is there anything different i could pack to make the stay more comfortable smile

All the normal things...clothes/PJ's/slippers/thongs/pads etc

Plus im packing a book and magazines
Phone charger

I would say undies that are huge and come up above navel. Hipsters are no good as your cut will be there.

All the best

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies


I haven't had a ceaser but my sister has had 3. Like the other person said big loose high knickers and also take trackie pants or something similar so you can sit them up higher and they wont rub or cut into you. And pretty much all the other things you took for your first birth.

Good luck.

A HAIRDRYER! to dry the c/section line after a shower, rather than having to pat dry with a towel
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