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  5. whats your fav food right now!!

whats your fav food right now!! Lock Rss

hey guys i thought id start a post and find out waht are ur fav foods right now during yur pregnancy now thi9s could get interesting!!

i like crumpets i also love iced coffee ice cream and potato bake

and i never give up on chocolate

what about you guys?
At the moment it is Salsa and Sakata biscuits, I could eat it by the truck load. And heaven help the person that touches it

But this afternoon it would have to be choc. My mum has taken my 2 boys out for the afternoon so I bought myself a little box of 5 lindt Lindor choc. So I am going to make a cold drink (non alchoholic) and watch a dvd and eat my choc....FREEDOM YAY.

sounds nice

u should try that ice cream tho x
OMG... Give me Original Pringles and an Iced Chocolate with ice cream any day!! *ddrools*

Ive really been liking savoury foods too... Normally I hate Spicy food but really been liking some things a little hotter!!
Its Sooo weird!!

Lovin the strawberrys and cream lollies too..

*drools* Great topic im hungry now! hehe

marathon spring rolls and Oranges YUMMY!!!!
m&m's, red frogs & macaroni & cheese!! yum, yum, yum!!

oh, and redskins too!

well mine's the strangest yet: i am LOVING the garlic bread!!! I mean give me GARLIC€!!! roasting cloves of it.
hmmm anyone else craving garlic?
ohhh, cookies and cream icecream, actually anything milk based im craving- strawberry milk, plain milk, of course chocolate (clankers at the mo), nothing really crazy though.

Soy sauce. I could almost drink it at the moment!

Anything covered in salt. Pasta, olives, sundried tomatoes, cheddar cheese and savoury biscuits.

I cant stand garlic or onion cooking and haven't been able to stomach it since I was 5 weeks preg.
At the moment I am craving....
Saladas with vegemite & cheese
Chocolate paddle pops
And ice cream with strawberries and flake. Mmmmmmmm

honey ice cream




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