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10 weeks to go and counting... Lock Rss

Hi all expecting Mums,

I have 10 weeks to go with my pregnancy and have noticed quite a few other mum's out there with about the same amount of time to go. I was wondering how you are all feeling? Excited, Nervous, Scared??? Would love to share any thoughts on the final trimester of pregnancy...

I am expecting a boy (William Wyatt, due 30 July)

Would love to hear if you are ready for your new arrivals, have names chosen etc...

Hi Michelle,
We have 7 weeks to go. How am I feeling - lets just say there is a mixture of every possible emotion I think. This is our 2nd and the emotions are any more settled than last time. I keep thinking I have so much to get done in the next 7 weeks - but than I think of 7 weeks in terms of 'normal life' instead of 'waiting for baby' time and I think I have forever. I'm starting to feel very impatient though and just wish I could have my little bundle now!!!
We don't really have any definate names picked yet - but we've come to really like Keeli and Zali. Who knows .. we could change our minds 100 times between now and then.
I'm feeling extremely tired of late and wonder how on earth I will ever cope with another baby as well.
All the best with your next 10 weeks - hope it goes quick enough for you.

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

hey michelle
i too have just under 10 weeks to go due july 28. This is my first and i am extremely excited! I am hoping time goes quick, although that may be wishful thiking. I am expecting a boy and we plan to call him Kaleb Dennis. I am feeling extremly exhausted at the moment! Preparations for my little boys room are near complete!
Goodluck all!

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Hi Michelle!

You're back on line ... how did the move go?

This post is a good idea cause I too have noticed alot of bub's due in July!! Like Sheree I have 7 weeks to go (I think from memory we have the same due date) and can't wait for the time to hurry up so I can meet our little man.

We don't have a definate name picked yet which I find frustrating. I really want Ethan but found out on the weekend that this is the name my friend has picked for if they have a boy (she is due end of August). Bit unsure what to do regarding this now cause Ethan isn't definate for us but my friend and her hubby have picked this as a definate. Then again they might have a girl .... decisions, decisions!

Just two and a half weeks of work left too which I am excited about cause then I plan to nest smile


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo,
Yes you're right - we're both due 7/7/04
Best of luck with the next 2 and a half weeks at work - you'll well and truly deserve a rest by then.

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

Hey there Mums,
Hows everyone going? My due date is the 26 July so I have about 9 1/2 weeks to go. Yahoo!!!!! I'm much more relaxed this time around, I just want it to hurry up. The babies head is in place, I haven't dropped yet though. We think its going to be another girl and her name will be Ella Rhiannon. Her feet are constantly kicking me in my side, especially at night when I have just gotten comfy!!!! What can you do. I'm getting really excited about having another little bub. My daughter Caitlin can't wait. We have the cot setup and I am slowly getting my hospital bag ready. Is anyone else having their bub in the Royal Womens in Brisbane?
That's all for now.
Nush xxx

Nush,Qld mum to Caitlin(18/8/00)and Ella(24/7/04)

Hi Nush
I love the name you have picked for a girl ... it is so pretty. Any boys names picked ... just in case? I wanted to go to the RBH but my doctor told me they have boundaries now which would mean they wouldn't accept me since I live on the southside. My little boy always kicks me in the ribs if I am lying on my back in bed. It is like he is trying to remind me I shouldn't be laying on my back (but I find it so comfy)

I don't like our chances of both giving birth on our due date ... but that would be pretty funny if we did. I think you will probably beat me to the labour ward since this is your second. Someone told me 60% of first babies are born after their due date but second, third babies are more likely to arrive before??? I could be wrong though ...

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)


Well I have just roughly over 3 weeks to go if the doctors get their way, though I will be glad, I actually 5 weeks to due date, but they wont be to go in at 38 weeks. I wish I had longer then 3 weeks cause at teh moment I am still trying to get my suitcase organised. Even though this is No 2, I am a little scared / nervous about it all. Like how is my 2 year old going to react to a new one around the house and specially sicne he wont be the one getting all the attention like before. I don't know if he understands what is happening at the moment, but he does know there is another one on teh way, he has felt the baby move a number of times and when I am in baby's room, he is always in there with me helping me fold clothes etc. And when we are out and about he always wonts to show my belly of to people and tell them baby!

We have picked for names, Sean Anthony and Aimee Jewel, though in about 2 weeks I am having an ultrasound and hopefully bubs will be in the right position to be able to tell whether it is a boy or a girl. That is one thing I am looking forward to.

Hey Jo,
That's not very fair that RBH won't take you. We do have a boys name picked just in case, Aidan Douglas. We had that picked from our first pregnancy but we got Caitlin instead. My man's not sure if he will get his boy child if this one is another girl because we've always said we only want 2. We'll see in a few years!!!!! My Mum had 2 girls and then a boy, and so did her Mum so .......
I knowwhat you mean about lying on your back. Last night I lay down on my back(knowing that I probably shouldn't) and baby DID NOT LIKE IT!!!!!! I was in pain and couldn't move for a good 10 minutes until baby decided to settle down.

Nush,Qld mum to Caitlin(18/8/00)and Ella(24/7/04)

Hi Mum's,

Wow, I haven't been near the computer for 48 hours and was shocked to see so many responses. This is a wonderful place to share all our joys and fears in the last trimester of our pregnancies and I am so excited to see so many of us due around the same time. For me I have mixed feelings about the birth and impending labour... I am anxious to meet our little boy, but am nervous that I may be faced with another painful long and drawn out labour like my first (14 hours). I am also unsure how my toddler daughter is going to react to a new baby in the house... she is already testing the boundaries as it is, especially since I feel big and awkward now and pretty tired. I am trying to remain positive as all of you are.

I hope you will all continue to come here and share your news and as each of you deliver your beautiful babies, don't forget to tell us about them... Haydnsmum it sounds like you will be the first to go... goodluck and wishing you all the best.

More soon,

Michelle (30 weeks today!)
Hey everyone,
Just a quick note- I think my baby is going to be a soccer player, she keeps sticking her foot right into my side non stop. My first girl Caitlin was never this tough on me!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to meet this new little person!!!!!!

Nush xxx

Nush,Qld mum to Caitlin(18/8/00)and Ella(24/7/04)

Hi Michelle,

I am due 29.06.04 but hoping he holds off until the 1st july for the baby bonus.. We know we are having a boy and have hime name Joshua Adam. Im starting to get really uncomfortable and tired, but i really want time to hurry up cause I just want to meet hime. We got the nursery ready yesterday now we just need the baby. Good luck with everything

Sarah, NSW Joshua born 4.07.04, due 29.03.06

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