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Clothes swap... for those having bub #2 or more Lock Rss

I have a nearly 2 year old DS and am expecting a girl in a few months. So of corse I have bags full of boys clothes that I don't need.

Wondering if anyone is in a similar situation and wants to do a clothes swap. Or if I can get a bunch of people, we can all do a swap.

What I thought was we could each buy a 3kg post bag ($9.60 for postage anywhere in australia) and fit as many clothes as you can in.
We could try do something for NZ mummies too.

So, if you are interested, reply here. I'll leave it a few days and see how it goes and then if there are a few, I can collect everyones info and then PM everyone a name and address of who to post to.

Hope to get some responses.... I'm excited about getting some little girls clothes!!


Hi there, I am in nz but was thinking of trying something similiar. I've had 2 girls and am now having a boy so don't need any of my baby clothes.
It would almost be worth trying to figure out a way of displaying our clothes so others can ask for certain items and what they wil swap for them.
Just a thought so every one feels as though they are getting a fair deal.
Don't know if it's practical or not though ???

i would be very interested but dont find out for another couple of weeks ,what im havin.i think its a boy but want 2 know 4 sure first.i have tons of girls clothes though.

Great Idea!!!
I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter, and am having a boy this time around....
So I have bags and bags of cute girls clothes sitting in the shed...lots of them have only been worn a few times.
Would love to swap some for some boys stuff...
I am in Melbourne by the way...

Good to see a few responses.

Messyduck, great idea, but to be honest I wouldn't have the time or knowledge to put up photos of everything!!
If everyone only swaps stuff in great condition that they would be happy to put on their precious newborn, we shouldn't have any problems, right??

Vickiw, when do you find out? Bet you can't wait. If we do all this before you find out I'm sure we can have another go.

Well girls, I'll leave it a few more days to see if anyone else is interested and then get everyones details and go from there.


Just bumping this up, hoping some more people are interested.

We need some mums expecting girls!!

Kell, just PM me when you work it out....I agree about the photos etc, I couldn't be bothered!!
I let the girls in the December Ho Ho Ho thread know, so a couple of them might be interested hopefully!
I'll mention it again to them now...

HI there,

Great idea and thanks for the heads up Stace.

Im super keen. I am having a boy!! LOL and have heaps of girls clothes.....

Where are all the mums that are having a girl. Some one want to post in general?

I am in Sydney.


maybe we can give it another go in a couple of weeks as i dont have my ultrasound for another 3 weeks.

Hi guys, thanks for the replies, seems I am the only one who has a boy and is expecting a girl.

I had a look through my baby clothes on the weekend and have enough clothes for a few bags of clothes anyway. I will send some PM's and see if you are still interested.

Messyduck, I checked it out and it would cost $30-$40 to send the clothes over to NZ, so not really worth it.

Vicki, good luck with your ultrasound. Let me know what you are having and if it's a boy, I'll probably have some stuff for you!


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