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Hi all,

I've read that its best to sleep on your left side and that sleeping on your back / right hand side is not good - is this true? If so, does it apply for your entire pregnancy?

I wake up during the night with a dead leg from sleeping on my left, even using a body pillow between my legs for support and everytime i go to roll over my DH tells me off!


I have read that you are meant to sleep on your left side cause of a vein that if you sleep on your right side can get blocked !!

I think as long as your comfortable adn not sleeping on the same side for to long it should be fine !! ...have you tried sleeping with a pillow at your back to sort of keep you a liittle on your back ??? that way you can lean to the left but not be on your back !!

that was as clear as mud wasnt it ??? lol lol lol
I spent my first 2 pregnacies on my right side thinking this was the case. I have spoken with my new mid wife who is just awesome and she said that it makes no difference what side you sleep on at all but to avoid lying on your back. There is a major artery or something that gets squashed. Apparently lying on your back decreases babies heart rate too.

I have tried the pillow at my back and was great while my husband was away but he kept moving my pillow last night! I think that's why i woke up sore...and grumpy - he will learn not to move a pregnant women's pillow though! LOL.

Sometimes by laying on your side, you can block a nerve to your hip and leg, which can be painful, and/or result in the dead leg.

Instead of laying 'exactly' on your side, roll forward a little, so you are a bit more to the front of your pelvis - if that makes sense. Bend the leg on top (usually the right, if you are laying on your left,) and put it forward, like you are in the recovery position when doing CPR.

If you roll off the nerve it should stop the dead leg...

Good luck, being uncomfortable while sleeping is something I don't miss about being pregnant!
I lay on my right side when pregnant and I have a long body pillow I put my left leg over and my right leg under and hug it! I sleep on my left side sometimes but I just get too uncomfortable so always go back to my right.

When I was in labour with my DS he was getting distressed with every contraction and they told me to lay on my left side but he got worse so I moved to laying on my right side and his heart rate went back up, so I guess he got used to me sleeping on my right side!

I say lay however your most comfortable, although like the other ladies said avoid laying on your back.

Sleeping on my side lately is becoming more and more difficult. Bubs seems to kick/move more when Im on my side. Anyone else in the same boat?


I've been having trouble getting comfy in bed too but I think it has more to do with my horrible cough than being preggers LOL.
I've read that you are not supposed to sleep on your back as the weight of the uterus can compress the inferior vena cava and reduce blood flow to the placenta but that elevating yourself just 10 degrees is enough to stop that from happening so you can prop yourself up on pillows if you want - not that I'm whipping out a protractor to see if I'm over the 10 degrees!
And I've read that sleeping on your right side can also compress the vena cava but I can't handle sleeping just on my left side! So I alternate and either hoik my leg up on a pillow or on my hubby's hip (don't ask me how he puts up with this!) and roll forward a little bit so I'm not entirely on my side or my tummy. Weird compromise but work for me.
Incidentally my chiropractor said that sleeping on your tummy is ok for pregnant women as because of the amniotic sac it doesn't actually squish bub but it's just too bloody uncomfortable for us!


Thanks heaps for all your replies - figure i'm just going to toss and turn tonight until i get comfortable. My hubby could sleep through an earthquake so i'm sure i wont bother him.

I just thought you weren't meant to sleep on your back. Will look into the whole side thing. I always sleep on my right side.

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