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Urgh! I tried on 2 pairs of trousers today and couldn't get into them sad and all my tops are getting short. I know I should be getting bigger (although I'm sure that it's partly me and partly baby) but it's still depressing! Does anyone else feel like this? When did you start wearing maternity clothes and how many things did you buy? I've been avoiding it but think that I may have to bite the bullet and just get on with it. Groan sad!!!!

hey i think your doing REALLY well to be 17 weeks and still in ya normal clothes!!! i was well and truely into the maternity gear at about 12 weeks!!! have you got a belly belt? that was you might still be able to wear your normal jeans? for a while at least! I bought heaps, i hate washing! so im prob not one to ask hehe! i think i got 5 tops, 2 bottoms...but i have lots stretchy pants i can wear....and im in the market for a good skirt that i can wear after too at the moment.
good luck shopping!

I avoided maternity clothes until I was about 6 months then had to bite the bullet as I looked silly in my normal clothes.
There are lots of 'normal' clothes out there that can pass for maternity clothes, find pants with wide stretch waistbands and always buy the next size above what you would currently fit in.
I had 1xshorts, 3xpants, 5x tops, 3xsinglet tops as didn't want to buy too much, just had to wash often. also had a couple of belly bands which were great for under normal tops as it looked like you have on another top underneath and don't have to worry about your belly popping out when you reach up.
Don't buy too much as you change size quickly in the last trimester and will need to get more pants then.

I was in denial my whole pregnancy LOL. I didnt gain ANY weight until I was 6 months (horrible all day sickness) but after I got over that I just popped out. Everyone was on at me to buy maternity clothes but I refused. Mum bought me a pair of pants that had an extra stretchy band at the top like maternity pants but werent maternity pants lol and I lived in them. Fortunately for me though I was previously very small, and only my stomach grew. So I was able to wear my jeans through my entire pregnancy but just wore them under my belly. But I did end up buying a few maternity tops as my other ones were too short

Yes- I'll shout it from the roof tops LOL - 29 weeks and I can still wear my "normal" clothes - BUT they don't do up in the front!!

I've been innovative with my jeans and got a stretchy hair tie, hooked thru the button hole and back over the button, then I wear a maternity wrap (Target in maternity section $20) its just like a big stretchy headband that you wear like a low belt? over the top, no-one can see the zip isn't done up!!

You can also buy "belly belts" at Big W in bra section $30, they do the same thing as my hair tie - but are a bit nicer...

For summer - I bought one pair of good quality maternity jean shorts -Target $50, some long singlets from Supre $15, and some hippy skirts $25-$30 at Big W, oh and maternity togs/swimmers $35 at Big W. I will live in them until I have bub!

***I should add I'm not a size 8 *sigh* (used to be 100 years ago) I'm about a size 14 (sometimes 16 YIPES!) - and I still found nice things in Supre to fit me and my bump! So it's worth a look***
[Edited on 11/10/2008]
my problem is i am normally a size 22 and at nearly 4 mths i am very close to bein out of a size 26.i cant find maternity clothes in my size and bras r a problem a size 20 dd already comin from a size 20 c at the start and cant find bras anywhere.i went from 125 kilo to 116 now cause i was so sick in the first 3 mths.i am alll belly at the moment and look as if i may be 7-8 mths pregnant.i so need to find some clothes to wear or i am in alot of please

hi there,
i grew out of my jeans at 12 weeks, but can still wear some of my pre pregnancy tops!
i went and bought heaps of maternity clothes from big w and pumpkin patch. buy things that will make you feel good and dont be afraid to show that little pot belly!
i actually found wearing maternity clothes was a great thing because i was feeling so depressed about how big my hips were getting, and wearing these clothes makes me feel comfy and most importantly beautiful.
I've been fortunate enough that most of my pants still fit, but I have do do them up under my belly, which I have been comfy with. My sister gave me a couple of nice oversized woolen jumpers that somehow seem to minimize my tummy and I don't look as big when I wear them. Now that it is warming up, I have been wearing nice tops that accentuate my belly, and everyone has suddenly said, 'Oh my god, you've suddenly popped out!', but the fact is, like I said, it was just hiding under my jumpers LOL.

I just got about 4 maternity tops from Kmart that look quite nice. Oh and I picked up a bargain at pumpkin patch a while ago, a nice longish, but shortsleeve top for $15, marked down from $69.95, so that will come in handy now and there's still plenty of room in it coz I brought a larger size. I'm normally a 14 too, so certainly not one of those tiny, bearly-know-that-you're-pregnant people.
Hi vickiw

I'm in the same boat as you. I don't know if you are in NZ or Australia, me in NZ - there is no such thing as maternity clothes for big girls here. I've just had to go and get some gear yesterday. KMart plus size range was great for stretchy jeans and their tops are really good. I've also had to buy a new bra, so far only up one cup size to 20D. As long as I stay a 20, there is a good range of maternity bras in Arthur Barnetts (dunedin) up to a 20F. There does seem to be the idea that big girls don't have boyfriends/husbands, they don't have sex, and they certainly don't have babies! I guess we have proved them wrong smile

Hi There,

vickiw... there is a shop called maternity revolution that I believe you can shop online at that does maternity clothes in size 6 - 26.

Maybe this could help? This is where I buy my maternity clothes smile

thanks for all ur help i will try that site out.i am in australia.

With DD I didn't wear Maternity clothes till about 20 weeks and then it was only a pair of jeans.
I was lucky as it was winter and just got LONG tops.

I'm 12 weeks this time and still easily fitting into all my 'normal' clothes. So fingers crossed its like my first pregnancy.

I actually found tho that Jay Jays has some great singlets and boob tubes that are really long and then you can layer them with other tops. smile

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