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Dry Skin and Red Itchy Painful Rash... Rss

Hello Mums,

I am hoping to pick your brains about this one...

I am 30 weeks pregnant and in the last week or so I have developed a dry, itchy, painful red rash on my lower tummy, hips, outer thighs and down my legs.

Sometimes it feels prickly like a heat rash and hot water in the shower aggrivates it too. It is quite painful at the sides of my tummy and on my hip area (I guess this is where the skin is most tight).

I have tried applying sorbelene cream to the area to soothe it, but this actually stings the rash. I am at a loss as to what is causing this? Any ideas?

In my first pregnancy I got dry itchy skin and my doctor did a blood test to check my liver function, but it came back all clear. This time round it is much, much worse.

Wondering if I am over reacting or should head back to the doctor?

All ideas, suggestions, thoughts welcome and appreciated.

Michelle :~
Hi Michelle (again)

I replied to your post in the 'PUPPPs' forum regarding this question.

It does sound like PUPPPs to me, particularly if it is making you as uncomfortable as you sound. It is the most frustrating thing and yes you go from this unbelievably itchy feeling to it stinging to it burning. I ended up in tears at work from it of all places. I couldn't sleep and was absolultely miserable when it was at its worst. It came out at the 31 week mark for me.

If this is what you have then there is good news though. It tends to come out and be really bad for a week or two then burns itself out a little. It doens't disappear altogether and still flares up and itches, but is definately at its worst for the first couple of weeks. Ask your dr for a skin biopsy of the rash to confirm and about Betnovate ointment.

Aloe Vera gel (from the fridge) provides temporary relief for awhile, but I read somewhere you should avoid moisturising as it makes it itch worse.

Hope you feel better soon

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Thanks Jo,

You have been a fantastic help with this topic.

I will give you an up date of my diagnosis once I speak with my GP this week.

Hope all is well with you and that you are getting some relief too...

Not long to go now...

Michelle smile
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