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Hey Everyone,

Just wondering what you thought the best stretch mark cream/s are for once you have got a few, to reduce the appearance of them.

I know it is to do with your skin type and "if your mum had them, you'll get them also" type of thing but just wanting to reduce the appearance (If I can) before they become big and ugly!!

Look forward to hearing from you all.

Ahh my mum has a road map all over her tummy, and so far at 37 weeks i don't have one mark on my belly!
I had three people swear by Palmers cocoa butter massage cream, and that's what i've been using. It's fantastic.
I stopped using it for a couple of weeks and the top of my tummy started getting sore from the skin stretching... i started using it again and my skin feel so nice. Still - not one stretch mark and i am a tiny size 8 with a MASSIVE baby belly. I also usually have quite sensitive skin that marks quite easily. I couldn't recommend it more. You'll find it at your local pharmacy:)
Hey Amber,
Bio oil is great. Ive been using it through my whole pregnancy and not a stretch mark so far, fingers crossed i dont get any but ive heard that you dont really start getting them until your nearly due.
Ive used the Bio oil for old marks on my boobs and they have faded quite a bit.

Thanks guys.

I have been using Palmers & Bio Oil everyday since 20weeks to prevent any but a couple have popped up, one on my tummy and one on the side of hip and my tummy isnt even that big so im hoping I dont get anymore! I just wondered if anyone used anything different from Bio Oil and Palmers that I could try, or maybe I just have to accept I have skin like my mum and im going to get heaps!! Boo hoo to that! =(

Thanks again!

HI Amber,

I used Alpha Keri Oil after every shower when I had my DS, and I did not get any stretch marks at all. I am now pregnant with twins (so I'm huge!) and I've been using it again this time around, and still no stretch marks in sight.

I just rub it on my tummy when I'm still wet and then just pat dry - it feels lovely on your skin and it lasts forever.


coca butter from body shop is the best. it smells great and it reduced all my stretch marks with all 3 pregnancies.

izacc,ethan and mya

I am mother two kids and I feel uncomfortable with my pregnancy stretch marks. I tried lot of creams for improve my stretch marks. Not happy with the results. Suddenly I met one of my college friend and we discussed this stretch mark issue. She already used Dermelastic Serum and recovered her stretch marks. So I bought this product via online and started using this. Initially few days I am not happy with the result. I thought its waste of money. But I continued the usage of this product and after few weeks I can see the improvement. Feeling excited. Lol.
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