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What are the chances of me tearing again? Lock Rss

I had a bad tear with my baby and was just wondering weither a vaginal birth next time is not a good idea.

Does anyone know the facts or statistics on the chances of tearing the second time?

I'm not sure on the facts but I tore badly the first time and I did tear the 2nd time but not as badly. I hope you don't!

Take care

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

hi everyone,
i have been thinking about this lately, not the fact to try for a viginal birth again, but how will my tear scar will hinder the process? if it was to happen again, its going to look like a war was going on. i know this doesnt sound great but i worry that i wont streach as much (sorry).
i dont have any stats or facts on this sorry.

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Hi bubataz,

Thats why I posted this subject. I'm just worried about the unknown. I tore right through my anal muscles so only the skin was seperating my vagina and anus. I just don't want to take the risk of going there again and tearing right through. Even with the tear I got, for some reason I'm not real good at healing down there so it took at least 6mths to start to feel a lot better (although i'm still sore now, 9mths later). So i'm thinking if its still sore now, will it ever get better enough to handle another labour.
I am so thinking the same thing!!! im 17 / 18 months down the track and still tender (not that the doctor did a bad job). could be a mind thing?
i was cut insteed of tearing, mine is across and up if you can understand, i cant remember how many stiches
im scared with all that pressure what it will feel like.
i didnt have any drugs with Tasmin and i would like that to happen again (all going well!!)
But i will just hope for the best.

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

If I still feel the same next time I have a baby and when I get to the pushing stage, I'll think all the pain I'm experiencing is tearing (even though it might not be). My midwife kept telling me to push harder so maybe I pushed too hard. I ended up getting internal hemaroids from it. Next time (if there is another vb) I think I'll take my time pushing. My cervix tore too, which the docs didn't find until 3 weeks later when they did a D & C on me. How did you manage without drugs? I used gas (not like it felt it did anything). I also got to use gas for the hour they took stitching me up after. I musta took too much coz I went into this kinda white
i feel that i am being on here to long and should be doing the dishes or washing!!
i hear lots of stories of midwives tell them to push and they havent dilated enough!!
doesnt sound like you had a very enjoyable first time round, im a bit of a worrier and so any intravention into my labour would scare me, not a healthy thought walking into the labour ward
just reading the bit you wrote about getting to that stage where you think the pain is you tearing, i hope that doesnt happen coz i would maybe not push as hard as i could which is not good.
the reason i didnt have drugs, i hate needles so insteed of an epadral i would put up with the pain!!
as for gas, i heard people feel sick and i didnt want that either, as for your white land i guess it was the safest way to get there!!!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Hi Catherine,

I was exackly the same, worrying about the tearing 2nd time around. I told this to my midwives during my appointments and they suggested the perinniel massage.

I also stressed my concerns as soon as i entered the labor ward, and the midwife told me to listen and do exackly as she said when i was pushing. I did, (it gave me something to concentrate on), and i stopped pushing as my son was crowning.

Not one tear or scratch, made for a lot more pleasant first few weeks, let me tell you.

Also, No2 was 600gr heavier!

Best of luck,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe,

My midwife suggested perinniel massage too for the next baby but at the moment the thought of that makes me cringe. By the time I'm pregnant again hopefully I'll be less sore. How long after you had your first did you fall pregnant again?
My daughter was about 11 months when i first fell pregnant, unfortunately i miscarried at 12wks, but was lucky to conceive again after one cycle. To cut it short my bubs are 23 months apart!


PS i never did the massage

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe

How bad was your tear with your first bub?
Hi again,

Not as bad as a lot of others i have heard of. I guess i was pain free by 4 months after the birth.

How bad was your tear??


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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