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head's engaged Lock Rss

Hi everyone,,,

I went for my checkup yesterday and the midwife said the head was engaged does that mean he can be born any time now??? I'm not due till 29.06.04 but im getting really excited and want him born now

Sarah, NSW Joshua born 4.07.04, due 29.03.06

Hi Sarah

At our ante-natal class a lady said she was told by her Doctor that her baby's head was already engaged at 33 weeks so she asked if that meant she would go into labour early. The midwife said that sometimes babies can be engaged for 4 weeks or even longer and it isn't necessarily an indicator the baby will come early ...

I know how you feel though wishing your due date would hurry up and arrive so you can finally meet this little person!

All the best

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi SJasper,

I am sure you are getting excited now as the birth of your bub draws near... being told the head is engaged is just a good sign that bub is down in the right spot ready for when the time comes. As much as you don't want to hear it, bub can stay in that position for a few weeks and it can make you quite uncomfortable, especially when walking.

You are lucky you only have about 4 weeks to go... I still have 8.5 weeks to go and my bub keeps headbutting me in the pelvis... but at least I know he is in the right spot too.

Goodluck with the next few weeks... get as much rest now as you can now to be nice and relaxed for labour and birth time.


I was told my babys head was engaged at 37 weeks and I didn't go into labour until a week after my due date.

I also thought that I might go early because of that but I didn't.

Good Luck


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Hi Guys thanx for the repilies I'll just try nopt to get too excited. But im starting to get really uncomfortable now and im not even that big... I hope he dosent take too long smile

Sarah, NSW Joshua born 4.07.04, due 29.03.06

... Just wanted to come back and say goodluck with everything...

Look forward to hearing all about your new arrival soon!!

Michelle smile
Hi SJasper,

I don't mean to put you off but some babys are in that position from 35 weeks onward. And then there are ones like mine who didn't engage until after I'd been in labour for a while. The night before I went into labour people were telling me I wasn't ready to have the baby because I hadn't 'dropped' yet.

I was really impatient for my baby too. Just remember that he'll be better off coming out on time than too early.
Hi there!

I have 2 days to my due date now and im really excited but my excitment started a long time ago when my baby's head engaged. He/She turned at 30 weeks, and his/her head engaged almost straight away! So basically the head has been engaged for 10 weeks already, its getting very painful at the moment. I went into an early stage of labour at 37 weeks where the show managed to come away, but the labour stalled and now 3 weeks later and im still sitting here wondering when it will happen! Being my first, im having all these signs of labour (even the cleaning frenzy!) but like i said im still sitting here!!

Hope everything goes well for you, it wont be much longer. If you start getting bad pains in your pelvic area when you sit/stand/lay down etc, its best to use a heat pack and a couple of panadol. i have been told to do this otherwise being tense from the pain of the engaged head it can make it hard to go into labour.

GOOD LUCK! smile
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