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3cm dilated at 23 weeks Lock Rss

hi ladies im just after some advice im in hospital and have been for a week and one day. i came in the day i turned 23weeks with great pressure pains i thought i may have had an infection of sum kind so i came to hospital to be told i was 3cm dilated and would be admitted for tota bedrest to see what would happen. its been a scaey week ive had all the worst case senarios given to me but things have settled down for now. would just like to know if anyone else has been in this situation how they coped what they done to make things easier and if the problem settled etc. they have told me there is a small chance the cervix cld settle and close again but i just need to hear from other mummas what they have eperienced i need all the help i can get thanx
no thats positive to hear how long was her baby born at 28wks in hospital for. im hoping that i can at least hold of until 28weeks thats my goal and everything has now stayed the same for nine days so fingers crossed. each day makes a huge difference so the docs have told me so every day that passess i count my lucky starts thankz

Firstly I am sorry this has happened, but you are in the right place. How far are you along now? Have they got you on antibiotics for any infection?? If not I would definitely be asking why not. Sadly we lost our little man in April at 23 + 5wks, I presented on the Sun night after having pressure, BH and then a show and was 4cm with bulging membranes. We held out until the Tues morn, but he was just too early. I don't want to upset you with this but it was found out there was infection, the problem is they don't know what came first, cervix dilating letting infection in or infection causing it to dilate. This is why I am checking to see if you are on antibiotics.
Good luck, bed rest is an amazing thing hang in there.
first of all i wish you the best luck! i was 24+6 weeks and had lots of pressure to the point where it hurt 2 walk also hadnt felt bubs move called the hossy an they told me it was all normal an call bak in an hour if bubs still hadnt moved 55 min later my waters broke and she was born 3 hours later. first of all if they havnt taken you through a walk of nicu ask for it cos it is such a huge shock of how small they are as we didnt get one it was scary! anyway dd was in hospital for 108 days came home on oxygen an the day after her due date. although she did pretty good for a 24 weeker! there were lots of complications but your able to work through them The most important things i learnt stay POSITIVE i believe it really does help (and so do some docs) of course there are ups an downs but infront of my dd always was calm. ask the same question to every doc and nurse you come in contact with most have different answers an i just chose to believe the best sounding one (sounds like denial and it was, best way to deal for me) and trust your instincts the most important docs would say we dont think shell be able to stay off the ventilator didnt doubt her an she never went back. oh an remenber all the babies in nicu are so strong and such fighters and grow up to be the same! pm me if you need to chat at all. hope you make it to term or at least close enough good luck
im 24 weeks and 5 days today, nothing has changed with admission to hospital and am still on total bedrest. i have just finished a 7 day course of antibiotics they had me on two lots. they think it was the infection that caused the cervix to open so heres to hoping now the infection has been treated and with bed rest i can get as far as i can. They thought when i came in on the Sunday night that i wouldnt hold off threw to the next day so 12 days later to still be here is encouraging. im just taking each day as it comes even though its hard not knowing what is going to happen everyday he is in the womb is of benefit to him and could make all of the difference, i have also had two steroid shots and will be having another on saturday so hopefuly they help too. thankz for your reply all advice is appreciated
yeah they have talked about taking me threw nicu but as i am on total bedrest for now i am not allowed to leave my room. they hope that as i get further they may be able to whip me in to have a look in a wheel chair but as things are quite they want them to stay that way. did you get a chance to have the steroid shots? i have had 2 shots so far and am due to have another in 2 days i am asking everyone this as its interesting to see if they actually do make a huge difference. has your bub got any long term complications from being so early because the doctors have been talking about that alot and it really worries me. thanks again for your help
i havent had any experience myself with a prem baby... mine was lovely and made me wait 11 days AFTER her due date. lol. but my cousin was born at 31.4 weeks. my aunty went into labour at 24 weeks & it was stopped & she got given the steroid shots... two i think from memory? then again at 28 and a half weeks & again it was stopped & there was another steroid shot. maybe more then one im not sure but i know she ended up getting the full dose of steroids & while bubs was in hospital for 6 weeks, he was perfectly healthy. he even breathed on his own when he was born, never required ventilation of any kind. his only problem was not being able to suck & being so tiny obviously, so after the jaundice cleared up in the first week, he was really only in the hospital for feeding and till he gained weight, and even then he was only being half fed thru the tube for like two weeks. the doctors and midwifes all said the reason he did so well was because he got the steroids, which strengthened his lungs so much they were almost considered full term. so in my experience the more steroids they can give you the better =) so its a good sign you've gotten a good dose already i would say!
hope all goes well =)
yea i got about an hour an a half of the steroids before she was born! (the most painful needle dont you think?) in most cases it does help we new someone had all the steroids and only ventilated for 24 hours, amazing.
yea dd did have complications had the pda which most prems get had a grade 4 brain bleed docs wsaid she will have brain damage cried for a week straight but she is fine now just had a check up with her pead and she said there is no sign of anything wrong.
she also had grade 3 rop (retina comes away from the eyes) required laser surgery the opthamologist said he thought she would be completly blind and "was worried bout her" and now she can see perfectly she mite be a bit long sighted but thats not really an issue
also had suspected nec treated it before it turned nasty and the chronic lung disease.
she has defied all odds and just remember wat the docs tell is worst case and there is still so much they cant predict just look at my dd if wat the docs said would happen actually happened my dd would have no quality of life, and that even goes with yourself they didnt even think you would last the nite and bubs is alredy proving them wrong! keep me updated on how things are progressing and wish you the best luck on getting to term and remember every bubs is still in there counts. do you no the sex yet? which hossy r u at?
have they not mentioned a shirodka suture?
im 26 weeks in the morning ,have now been in here for 3 weeks. yes the steroid shots were very painful, im having blood thinning needles in my legs everyday to prevent clots and they arent vey nice either. My tummy has popped out alot so im hopin all this food and total bed rest is all helping bub. I have a scan on Monday so ill find out how much he has gained since i have been in here, it will be interesting to see how much 3 weeks makes a difference. Im in the Royal Hobart Hospital they have the best NICU in the state so its the best place to be. We are aiming to get me to 28 weeks thats our big goal and then anything after that will be very much bonus im told these next 2 weeks are extremely important, and they will pull out all stops to delay the labour until then. so cross fingers all goes well its a very stressful time as u would know very emotionally draining. Thanks for your reply its much appreciated
yay 26 weeks. you takin lots of fotos of your belly? i was just readin over my post an i hope i didnt scare you with everything my dd had! should have mentioned that she was the only baby in nicu that had all those problems that severe and she was much earlier than you are now so hope your not worrying to much sorry!yea 28 weeks good goal i think babies should be round a kilo then which makes alot of differnce. so how r u going being in bed 24/7 wen dd was 1 week i was readmitted to hossy and spent 5 days as i could barely move hurt even to breathe an i felt like i was goin crazy! so do you live far from the royal? we lived bout 40 min away from the hospital so not to bad but not the best either. do you have any names piked out yet? hope the ultrasound goes good and that bubba is a bit of a chubba! lol didnt mean that to rhyme. good luck again
26 weeks is a huge difference, you are doing so well! I am keeping everything crossed that you make at least 28 weeks! Hang in there, we are all thinking of you.
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