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Insomnia at 31+ weeks... Lock Rss

Hello Again,

I am wondering if anyone else out there is or has suffered insomnia in the last trimester of their pregnancies? Without fail for the past 2 weeks now I have been waking up at 1.30am and feeling really restless and twitchy. It takes me forever to go back to sleep, so I usually get up and have a shower and a hot drink... then back to bed and back to sleep. It is driving me insane as I can be awake from 30 minutes to 2 hours and then my 18 month old will still wake me nice and early!

Any tips for this lack of sleeping???

Michelle smile

Hi Michelle,

I am sorry I really don't have any helpful tips other than too make the most of it when you CAN sleep. It's all I am really doing!

It seems like every second night I too find myself wide awake every couple of hours all night. All the next day I am exhausted (still working FT doesn't help) BUT then that night I am normally that tired I sleep a lot better.

I also find reading in bed can help me get back to sleep if I am wide awake in the middle of the night (that is as long as a night light by your bed doesn't wake your hubby)

Good luck with the insomnia though ... not too much longer to go now.


Good Luck with

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo,

Thanks... I know I can always count on you to come along and say something nice and comforting. I hope all is going well with you as the tail end of your pregnancy draws near... how many weeks left now?

I will give the reading a try... but am finding it hard to get motivated and pick up a book.

Hope to hear more from you soon,

Michelle smile

Hi Maddychelle,

I hear you! It's the same for me. The difference is that this is my first so i stay up until 4 or 5 in the morning until i'm really tired and then i go to bed. I don't have a little one to wake me up, guess i'll have that to look forward to after being pregnant the second time around- one day.

You poor thing, you must be feeling pretty tired. Unfortunately i don't think there's alot that can be done. It's all pretty much reading, hot drink and/or shower as you have suggested but that's pretty much it. Maybe a massage? Hot water bottle? Wish i had a brilliant suggestion to help you out but the reality is, there's not much else you can do. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, i hope you don't come across many other problems and that it's otherwise smooth sailing for you.



Hi Michelle,
Welcome to the club, been having this problem for a while now. Usually get up and have something to eat and a drink which often helps. I have found spicy fruit buns to be the best, though sometimes I think earplugs might be almost as good, my DH snores!
I usually heat the buns on high in the microwave for 30 seconds, butter them and then enjoy, even if it doesn't get me back to sleep it is still a really enjoyable snack. I also read a book (usually one I have read lots of times b4 so I can abandon it easily).
It doesn't help that for the last week I have had the odd contraction, baby has dropped a bit, though not engaged. I am so hoping it's a sign I will pop this one out early, unlike George who was 10 days late.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi Michelle,

Do you enjoy reading magazines? I tend to read mags if reading at night cause they are a little lighter reading than getting involved in a novel?? Another thing I think helps with sleep is keeping warm. I find I sleep better at night if we keep the heater on in our room all night. I don't know if you have a TV in bed either but this tends to help me fall asleep cause I think it makes your mind switch off (often a reason I can't sleep cause I am planning things over and over in my mind like baby names, what I still have to get organised etc.)

5 weeks to go now. I am actually feeling really good (heaps better than I was a 31 weeks with rash etc). This is my last week of work. Mind you when I came in this morning my boss had filled my tray with things that need to be done by Friday ... I think he is starting to have a bit of a panic smile

Getting excited now ... hopefully the next few weeks will fly and our little man won't choose to be too overdue if he is late smile

You sound as though you too are getting really excited at meeting your little boy too! Hope the insomnia improves and everything else with you is good.


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo, Super & Rachelle,

Thanks for all your comforting replies. I have taken all of your ideas and suggestions on board and will try them when sleep eludes me again. The last 2 nights I have slept right through and woken up feeling excited... excited about the fact that I have slept right through the night!

I am trying to get as much rest as I can now... much to my very active toddlers' dissaproval sad

All is well otherwise and I am just hoping that the next 8.5 weeks go fast for me now...

Goodluck with getting lots of rest in the last weeks of your pregnancies and I hope to hear about all the new arrivals soon.

Michelle smile
HI Michelle, I too have been having problems sleeping, I wake up most nights at about 1-1.30am then cannot go back to sleep for ages, has been getting worse he last few days.

I now have bags and purple marks under my eyes which I have never had before.

I have also been getting really hot during the night lately, which is not like me as I normally feel the cold.

And I can no longer sleep during the day - I was during my second trimester.

I hope the next 7 weeks goes fast.

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

Hello all,

The insomnia is stil getting to me. With 7 weeks to go I am wondering if I am going to lose the plot? I don't cope very well when I am tired... I get upset easily and get cranky too. I can claerly see I am not the only one going through this...

If this is mother natures way of preparing us for bub... I think it is just plain mean!

I hope you are all getting plenty of rest... my thoughts are with you.

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