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Planned or unplanned? Lock Rss

Just wondering if your bubbas were planned or accidents and how did it happen, ie broken condom etc.

I'll go first,
DS#1 was unplanned, I was on the pill and got food poisoning/gastro. He is now 10.
DS#2 was planned.
DD was unplanned. DS#2 was 7 months old, I was on the mini pill and still breastfeeding. Shocked the crap out of me!

All three of mine have been planned, No. 1 took 18 months to conceive, she's now 2 1/2. No. 2 conceived with one go but sadly lost the baby and No. 3 conceived within 4 months and is cooking away smile
all mine have been planned except this one !!

Luke we were actually pregnant when we decided to start trying !! that was lucky ..Hubby is pi$$ed he diddnt get to do the "practice"!! lol lol

second one was planned and we fell pregnant first go ..lost that one

the next three were very planned but saddly we lost them as well !!

this one I was sick of falling pregnant only to loose them so I went to the doctor after the last misscarrage to tell her I wanted to go on the pill till after Christmas ..tuns out I was already pregnant ..and here I am 13 weeks pregnant with my unplanned little wonder !! lol lol loo
this is my first and it was unplanned! we were on holidays for 2 weeks and thats when it happened i was on the pill! but we are so excited about it now!

Planned, and it feels like i've been waiting for ever to meet this kicking little bundle!
unplanned! i was on the pill and the oh-so-wonderful male portion was on drugs...
on the positive side i must have got a strong 'un!

hehe love emma

DD was unplanned and my guess is a faulty condom. We had no breakages or anything and never did the deed without one but either way I was blessed with a perfect princess so i'm not complaining.
My 2 year old dd was not planned i fell pregnant straight after coming home from our honeymoon and had lost my pill after searching everywhere and wasn't careful and didn't think i would fall pregnant easy because of my endometriosis,mind u i found my pill about a week later of finding out i was pregnant, and this pregnancy was planned, we were trying for about 3 months...

DS1 planned 3mths to conceive after coming off the pill
DS2 (soon to be) planned fell pregnant straight after coming off the pill.
Preg#1 Unplanned, Pill babies, miscarried at 16 weeks

DS#1 Unplanned Pill baby

DS#2 Planned

DS#3 Unplanned, breastfeeding, mini-pill, no AF, only had sex once - got preg...

Preg #5 planned, miscarried at 7 weeks

DD planned (miscarried her twin)
first was unplanned, very young. lost bub sadly.
10 years later after trying for 2 1/2 years and many tests later we were told we'd be lucky if it happened. 3 weeks later we found out we were pregnant. now a gorgeous 18 month old girl!! #3 was planned but also lost. #4 planned and hoping it sticks. 12 weeks today, so looking good!!
My first 3 were all planned. Bub #4 due in Feb was our little surprise bub! I think she was just meant to be here! Tho I have never had any trouble falling pregnant, so should have guessed it would happen!

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