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what week did you find out the sex? Lock Rss

Hey guys,

im just wondering what week everyone was when they found out if baby was a boy or girl. Im having a ultrasound tomorrow and am wondering if i am dreaming that they might be able to tell at 15 weeks ?!?
i think they can tell then if theyre a good sonographer (i think thats what theyre called) but lots won't say until the big scan around 20wks. this is when they can tell for sure. my doc made me wait til the big scan

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

Usually a scan to determine gender is done between 18-22 weeks. With best, (most accurate) results being at about 20 weeks
i was 19 wks for both bubs when i found out. i did ask at the 12 wk scan but they said they wouldnt tell me even if they thought they could see what it was. its just to early before 18wks. thats why they prefer you to go closer to the 20wks too
I had a scare at 16 weeks and thought I was miscarrying with DS#2. He was fine and the woman let it slip that he was a boy. I didn't know whether I should believe it, but it was confirmed that he was infact a boy at 19 weeks.

My sonographer couldn't even tell me at 20 weeks. I hope to have a different one this time and surely they can tell by now (I will be 30 weeks) but will wait and see.

18 weeks! I had a great sonographer coz they were also checking on her kidneys as we were told she might be sick.
The sonographer got right under her froze the picture and zoomed right in then pointed and said "3 lines equals a girl!" there was no mistaking the outline. Bit weird seeing my unborn childs bits so upclose :-s
Hey everyone, just thought id let you know i had my anmio today and they couldnt (wouldnt?) tell me. im not sure if its cos they couldnt tell or if it was because we were there for 'just' the anmio although i do get the test results in two days and they said the sex chromosomes with be on there so in 2 days ill know!!
my friend found out at her 12 week scan! i had my 12 week scan a few weeks ago but she couldn't see so i think you have to be lucky to see it early. good luck
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