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Braxton hicks contractions Rss

Hi all, I am 33 weeks and today I have had heaps of braxton hicks contractions today, approx 1 every 20-30 mins lasting appox 1 minutle long.

my tummy does not hurt but my back aches just after each one.

Baby is also not moving like normal - I felt no movements today until about 20 mins ago (7.35pm).

I did not get them like this with my last 2 pregnancies.

Is or has anyone experinced braxton hicks contractions like this

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Hi Chrissyd

I experience braxton hicks just like that when I was about 35 weeks or so and I ended up at my Obgyn as I didn't realise they were braxton hicks (they were so strong). The silly thing is as soon as I had been to see him they stopped.

I was told if the contractions went to 10mins apart then to contact him again.

Don't know if this helps?


S Brooks, Hobart

Hi Chrissy,

I didn't see this post before... I was asking about braxton hicks too. I am funnily enough 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow and have been having regular braxton hicks mostly at night for the past few days. My bub doesn't move much before or after these conractions either. They are not painful so I am not particularly worried. I got them in my first pregnancy, but not until about 2 - 3 weeks before I was due. I have since read that you can have them for weeks and weeks before going into labour.

I have also heard that they become more obvious to use in second and third pregnancies and so on.

Hope this puts your mind at ease a little... not long to go now smile


Hi there,

It's so exciting to be close to see my baby. It's my first time. I'm also getting the BHC, it's so uncomfortable most of the time I'm confused it's a real contractions or not. I be 34 weeks in 2 days and the movements and BHC are getting stronger. I track in my notes how long and when it happens. That would help, but when do you know you really in labour, due my BHC are stronger and a bit painful at nighttime
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