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i cant remember pregnancy hurting this much Lock Rss

well im 35+weeks and omg the pain is killing me . this is my fourth child with a 14 year gap in between my youngest and this bub , but i dont think that is a huge factor.

i had my first three when i was really young and didnt have any issues with pain , just a bit of back ache and the heavy uncomfortable tummy in the last few weeks.

with this one i have had pain since the get go , low back ache and heaps of pelvic pressure since i was 8 weeks.

with every week the pain has gotten so much worse , i can barely walk at all and it takes me ages to get into or out of a car as it hurts so darn much.

last week i had really bad pelvic pain that woke me up through the night , it lasted for two days and my gp told me it was probably the baby moving down or more syatica related symptoms (another fun thing i have gotten with this pregnancy)and apparently the baby was 1/5 in the pelvis or whatever she meant .

and i havent had more than 3 hours sleep at night since ive been pregnant , allthough im tired all the time i just cant sleep .

with all of this pain and my pre existing fractured vertabrae in my back , im at wits end and dont think i get through another few weeks.

sorry to have such a big whinge but its really getting to me and i dont think its normal to have so much pain.

im right there with u .its only been 4 yrs since i had my last and i am a day on day off pain sufferer.i get alot of pressure pains so bad sometimes i think im goin to have her.myback keeps me in pain all the time poor kids r havin to do the washin for me cause i cant bend down.may i ask how old u r? as my friends say its my age but i dont c myself as bein old in pregnancy ways .i am only 30.this is my 5th child and i am so not enjoying this make me feel worse i have been gettin ms again thelast 3 days.

hi i am having no 3 i am only 16 weeks and have bad pelvic pain and syatica too i go to the phyisio she gave me a support belt and my hubby massages my bum it really helps.(dont think he minds too much wink
[Edited on 22/11/2008]
could also be pelvic displacia syndrome (something like that) where your pelvis is flexing more that it should. Talk to mw, gp or whoever to get a 'free' smiley (maternity support belt), which will help stopping your hips moving around so much. If the pain dosen't let up, I'd see a physio as there maybe something they can do. It sounds like your in A LOT of pain!

When I first got my belt I slept with it on for a couple of nights and wear it religiously.

I have found that it has helped with my pelvic pain so much that I haven't had to go to a physio yet.

Hope that helps


I'm 37, this is my 2nd baby (31 weeks) with 11 years in between (plus 4 m/c's in the last 3 yrs).

I started having back and pelvic pain from about 4 months. I was given the number of an osteopath by a friend and it was the best thing I did. The osteo has helped me by relieving the pain and showing me excercises I can do to strengthen my muscles.

I have just recently started having more pain and have gone back to see her. She originally got me down to a monthly maintenance appointment, but I think I will be back to fortnightly as it's coming near the end.

Good luck with your pain everyone. It really sucks when you can't roll over at night due to the pain!

Cheers, Mrs C.

hi ladies thanks for the replies. i just turned 35 but i seriously dont think my age has anything to do with it. even though i have previous back problems i try not to let it get me down too much , at the moment the preexisting problems are no where near as bad as the pregnancy related problems.

i havent heard of the smiley belt thing that was mentioned but i have an appointment with the hospital this week so i will ask then , my doc said i cant do physio because they dont like touching pregnant women, i thought that sounded a bit odd. allthough my gp is really into the whole no drugs or interference approach its kinda pingin me off to say the least , because the pain is so bad i end up crying and getting really miserable allmost everyday and i dont know how im going to deliver this baby as it is besides if it gets anyworse which it probably will.

hope everyone manages thier pain better .
xx carly

Hi Carly -

That's rubbish about physios not touching pregnant women. You just need to check if they have experience with us, that's all. My physio went overseas and I had a new one who told me he wasn't comfortable working with me as he hadn't had experience with pregnant women. I was given my osteo's number by a friend. She deals with heaps of pregnant women, and I've had another frind who goes to a physio who deals with pregnant womena as well.

If your doctor won't refer you, just ring a couple places in your area and ask them if they deal with pregnant women. You will feel so much better and you will have abetter labour as your joints will be looked after properly.

Good Luck,
Mrs C.

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