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complications with pregnancy Lock Rss

hi well i am currently 12 weeks pregnant i also have another child aswell and after i had my first child i had to have a cone biopsy done which is where they cut out a piece of your cervix due to having abnormal cells on papsmears.anyway i went to see my gynocologist yesterday and she had a look at my cervix and everything but i have to have an ultrasound every week or 2 weeks just to make sure my cervix dosent start dilating early and if anything does go wrong i might have to have a stitch put in or might have to have complete bed rest.i am going for an ultrasound on monday to get my cervix measured to see whats happening and if it isnt right i might have to have a stitch anyway i am very worried about what is going to happen in this pregnancy as i had no problems with my first is there anyone else out there that has had a stitch in or a cone biopsy done prior to pregnancy?
Hi Twinkletoes

I have never heard of either,Sorry but I wish you all the best on Monday and hope everything is OK with u & your baby.

Good Luck

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