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don't you just hate.... Lock Rss

don't you just hate when someone says something really stupid that totally does your head in and causes you to stress out!

This woman that I know (who thinks she knows everything), made a comment to me about breastfeeding. She decided to inform me that I probably won't have much luck bf this baby (I only fed DD about 9-10 weeks because my supply just wasn't there and she was drinking more formula to top her up than breast milk), because 'apparently' my breasts have not increased enough...what the?

The thing is, I'm not small breasted at all, infact I am a D cup. Her basis for this comment was that I have filled out everywhere except my breasts (and yeah, I can still wear my pre-pregnancy bra, so they have not increased in size with this pregnancy), so therefore she believes that I will not make enough milk. She ranted something about milk ducts increasing size and making way for milk production for a few minutes.

Anyway, please tell me that she is full of s**t!!!
I really want to have a better experience with bf this time, but her stupid comments have started to worry me. I really can't see how the size of someones breasts can impact on ability to make a supply of milk. Also, wouldn't the change be more likely to happen after birth, when milk production actually begins?

Oh and also she went on about leaking colostrum (which hasn't happened yet), and she believes that I should have done so by now.
Oh yeah I hear you!! I have someone like this telling me equally stupid things which irriates the hell out of me.

I can confidently say she is full of shit - totally!!

The size of your breasts has nothing to do with your ability to breastfeed nor does everyone leak colostrum prior to giving birth so dont listen to a word she has said, she is a nutcase... like the woman who constantly tells me I will not last to term because of my size, my baby will be early and huge - I really dont know why my Obgyn bothers with ultrasounds when this woman can tell just by looking at me LOL smile
She is full of S**T!!!
i know of people that their bobs barely changed in size, but when they had their bubs... bam! out they came when their milk came in! your having a boy so i think you are less likely to leak too cos of the testosterone(sp). i always thought feeding was ment to be easier with your subsequent bubs!
I hate it when people say stupid stuff like that. I know a few people like that!
the only peice of advice can give you is to drink water like you are a fish!!! that is really ment to help your supply. but then again it didnt really help me, so i wish you luck with feeding smile

Thanks ladies, I just couldn't believe all the crap she was saying, but yeah, I got a little worried because she ranted on a bit and I started to stress out that maybe there was something wrong with me LOL, now I know its her haha.

I know that in the end all that I acn do is give it a go and hope for the best, it just s**ts me when people try to get into your head with things. My hormones are driving me nuts as it is, without her stupid comments LOL.

I knew I could count on huggies mums for reassurance. Thanks again!

Some people are just knobheads and have no idea what they're talking about. Stay positive and talk to a lactation consultant (or someone who really does know what they are talking about)if you are having trouble. Incidently I never leaked at all prior to the birth of my daughter but once my milk came in I couldn't stop it leaking! Goodluck

She is definitely full of cr*p!! It's this kind of misinformation that cheeses me off and makes women doubt their body's ability to feed their own babies. I do agree that if you get into trouble then get in touch with a lactation consultant (or several if you need to) as they do know what they are talking about.

This is probably a good place to start; it basically talks about what to expect in the early weeks...which for me personally consisted of basically me sat on the sofa or in bed feeding and is normal, whatever that means.

I had heaps of issues feeding DS1, based on a lot of the incorrect information I received, but no issues or drama this time so a bad experience doesn't have to be repeated. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>]

Good luck!


Omg i have a friend like that, honestly tell her to shut her trap lol. People like that drive me nuts
Where on earth do 'these' people get their info from?!
Well according to her I should never have been able to bf because I'm an A cup and I didn't leak before or after giving birth. However I very successfully bf for 10 months.

I can't believe people feel they have the right to make a pregnant woman doubt her ability to produce milk???!!!

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