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Babies born with Talipes!!! Lock Rss

Im not sure where to post this topic so chose here LOL my son now 22 1/2 months old was born 4 days late via vaccum almost a c-section and was 54cm and 9pound 11 yes he was a biggin! He not only had the big lump that comes with being born via vaccum he had left talipes (left foot was bent inwards) i am now TTC #2 and i am very nervous that my next child will be big again which im fine with but nervous will have the same issues with no room left to grow and will have a bent something or other!!! Has anybody who has had a child with talipes gone on to have another child who didnt have talipes when born?????

I was thinking when i was pregnant that maybe doctor would watch my size and maybe induce earlier or something to avoid the problem, although this in not an issue atm since im not preggy yet well i have my fingers crossed i am im due tomorrow. (wish me luck). Thanks for your help in advance!

DS 21-04-04 & Due 16-11-06


hi, my son was born with a left talipes. He had an operation in Melbourne last year to correct it. It went really well (except he was sooooo sick from going under), he wore a cast for 3 weeks, then back to Melb to get his foot more straighten (re cast), then he wore a splint for 3/4 months. He was suppose to wear it for 6 months but it got toooo hot and he constantly got sweat rashes. Any way recently my DH and I have noticed he's been limping again - but he tells us nothing is hurting ???? We're due to go to back to see he's specialist in Melb soon.

Anyway I have never thought about my next child - William was caused by being turned in while inside me . I will ask Mr Donnan when we see him next - if it possible to happen again ????


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