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Braxton Hicks Contractions... When did yours start? Lock Rss

Hello All,

I am 2 days off 33 weeks pregnant and I think I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks Contractions... I have had this tightening and releasing sensation of my abdomen for the past few days, it isn't painful, but sure feels like the Braxton Hicks Contractions I experienced about 2 weeks before my daughter was born.

Is it too early for me to be experiencing them with 7 weeks to go? Is there a chance my baby could come early?

Can anyone share their experiences with Braxton Hicks Contractions?


Michelle smile


I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and have been expirencing braxton hicks contractions for about 4 weeks or so and still no baby. Mine are getting to the point of painful though cause my baby doesn't seem to move alot, the only time it tries to move is during a braxton hicks and it is just painful, it is normally an elbow or foot I am guessing.

Hope this gives you some idea.

(Only 3 more days till I meet my little budle of joy!)
Hi Heather,

...Wow... 3 days to go. I wish you all the best with the safe arrival of your bub!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with Braxton Hicks. Must admitt I was getting kind of excited thinking my bub might come a little early, but must admitt I don't want him to come out this early.

Lucky for me I am not experiencing any pain with these contractions so far. The only pain I am getting is when he stretches himself out and it puts a lot of pressure into my pelvis and rib cage... sigh!

I will be thinking of you as your due day arrives and hoping for your sake you don't go too far over.

Take care and get some rest,

Michelle smile

Hi Michelle,

I think braxton hicks are different for everyone! I never really felt any, but hey i didn't accept i was in labor until i could barely walk. So maybe i play these things down a bit.

My sister is 26 wks and is already starting to feel some, but this is her 3rd, and i think they are more noticeable with each pregnancy.

Heather, goodluck over the next few days and weeks,

Take care,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Michelle

I have been feeling Braxton Hicks tightenings since about the 24 week mark. I have been getting non-painful tightening of the muscles across my belly which lasts between 5 and 10s. They are pretty noticeable and I have been feeling them at least a couple of times a day. I read you actually have Braxton Hicks contractions from about the 12 week mark but most women don't actually feel them till the end.

I don't think you need to worry too much about going into labour early. I have been feeling them for 12 weeks now and still no sign of bub smile


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Thanks Tepe and Jo,

You have put my mind at ease a little. My darling husband is convinced I am going to have this bub early... but he was last time too and I was one day late by my due date. I think he was and is keen to meet his bub...

My braxton hicks seem to be getting stronger, but they are still not painful... it actually reminds me of what the first part of labour was like for me first time round.

I have comfort knowing that my body is getting ready for this next labour, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Hi Michelle,

Glad to hear you have such a wonderful attitude! smile

I hope dad is right, and bub comes just a bit early, only a few days, wink

Take care,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Michelle,

I didn't have braxton hicks with my first bub, but with the second I had them every night 10 mins apart for 8 weeks. Finally the doc decided to induce me, but he didn't make it. My daughter arrived two weeks early healthy and happy to be here.

I wouldn't worry about them. My doctor just said that this is a way for your body and your baby to get themselves read and practice what the real thing will be like. Doesn't mean your baby will arrived 7 weeks early.

Good luck with the birth.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Hi Elle,

Thanks for sharing your experinces with me. I love the names of your 2 little girls... Emily & Ellen... a familiy of names with "E". My braxton Hicks have settled a little and now I am getting period like cramps in my lower tummy and back. I am 35 weeks 3 days and counting... I would love bub to come one week early, that would be nice, but would much rather wait and know everything is okay. Good to know my body is getting itself in practise... hope it means labour will be kinder second time round.

Michelle smile

Hi Michelle,
I am 39weks tomorrow and have been feeling braxton hicks or about 12 weeks. However they do feel different now to what they did 12weeks ago. Just in the last week they have started to get a little painful and quite often stop me in my tracks. Some days they stay regular for a little while other days they just come and go. I've found myself timing them thinking it was more then braxton hicks - but no such luck.
Don't know if this has been of any help to you - i guess it just comes down to everyone being different - and every pregnancy too. I didn't feel any braxton hicks wit my first!
Good luck..

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

Hi Michelle,

Glad to share experiences and hopefully ease concerns you have. Did you have your first child early or late and how long was labour.

I think even if your baby was born a week or two early everything will be fine. Emily was born 3 weeks early and was 19hr labour. Ellen was born 2 weeks early and was 3hr labour. Do you know what you are having and have you picked names. The girls ended up being E names because they have such a long surname and it was all that suited their surname and the middle names we had picked for them.

Anyway back to the point, I am sure that you will be fine and your baby will be fine too. We are starting all over again with number 3, so I will be thinking of you with the labour and hoping it is short for you. Good luck

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Hi Danielle,

Thanks so much for your reply. My daughter was born one day late, so really I would say she was born pretty much on time.... my first labour was pretty awful as I had contractions for 2 days that never became regular and then I spent 14 hours in real labour failing to dilate properly until I was put on a drip and given an epidural (which didn't work)... by the time I pushed my daughter out I was so exhausted that I was falling asleep between contractions. But it all had a happy ending and I now have a beautiful almost 19 month old daughter, Madeleine.

With my current pregnancy I am 36 weeks today! Yippee, we are expecting a little boy and have chosen the name William for him. I went to the hospital to see my Ob on Monday just gone and he is concerned that bub is too big now, measuring a 37 week gestation at just 35 weeks 3 days. So he sent me off for a 2 hour glucose test to rule out gestational diabetes and next week I have to go for an ultrasound to get some measurements of bub... hoping it all comes back as good news and that I have nothing to worry about!

Goodluck with a 3rd pregnancy... I hope it is all smooth sailing for you. Thanks again for taking the time reply. Will keep you posted... 29 days and counting till my EDD, but will I make it?

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