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Weight Gain at around 26 weeks. Lock Rss

How much have you gained?
I had a 'growth spurt' lol, bit paranoid hahaha.

so far ive gained 8 kilos. *hangs head* is that ok you think?

ive gianed 3 kg, i wasnt exactly tiny when i fell preggie tho, im 25 weeks

cant wait till my 3rd lil princess is born

They say 10 to 15 kilos is normal, so your doing ok! Dont worry to much about it it will all go when you breastfeed. As long as your eating good healthy food you should go back to "normal."
its ok i gained 7 kg's by 23 weeks. im now 32 and have not put on any more weight! still gained only 7kg's...and kinda hoping i dont put too much more on! LOL
I'd say your fine!

Sounds Fine to ME with DS1 i gained 11kg in total but gained 8kg in the first 16 weeks then another 3 in the last 2 weeks of the pregnancy... this time started 10 kg heaveier and i am 35weeks and havent gained any!


Hi there,
It sounds ok to me. As long as you are eating well and doing some form of excercise i don't think the scales really matter. With my first pregnancy i didn't watch my diet and didn't do much excercise and gained a total of 19kg sad lol.
this pregnancy i have eaten well (still piggin out occasionally lol) and have done regular excercise and have only gained 6 kg with 3 weeks to go. WOOHOO!

As long as you feel healthy and are doing the right things, i don't think the actual amount of kg's matters to much. Each person is different smile
I have only gained 2kg, but I have been eating very well this pregnancy.. cant be helped, my cravings have all been healthy. LOL

You ladies are all doing well!
I'm a fatty while preg, I've put on 17kgs so far.I put on 20kgs last time.Lilee was a big bubs though and I think this one is too.
I pack it all on at the end.I hardly put anything the first half then it just goes on really quick!
I lost it heaps easy last time so I'm hoping because I'm still young it will come off again easy with no saggy skin.
I have to say though it's not fun being fat in summer.DD was a september baby and I had lost all the weight by summer so didn't feel like this.

Hi all weight gain is perfectly normal and doesnt bother me i have been lucky and breastfed both of my boys and lost all of my weight in the first 3 months. With the boys i put on 25KG's each and they where both 8lb15oz. This preg at last weigh in i have gained 21kg with still 5 weeks to go. I think i will have another big baby. Before i was pregnant i was 8-10 and weighed 62KG so you can imagine what i look like now.

well, i think i had another 'growth spurt' lol so im not going to look anymore.

wow i feel like the heffa now! i'm nearly 29 weeks and have gain almost 20kgs! eek. my doctor isn't too worried, i was kinda small to start with so could afford to put on a bit...but not this much (personal opinion). oh well, i know what i have to do to get it off after baby is born and will do it smartly over time and have learnt a big lesson when #2 comes around!

I do get a little self consious when people say to me "wow you are really big, you have to be due soon" and i have another 11 weeks or so to go! BUT, my baby is healthy and perfect size for where i'm at so i try to let the comments roll off me like water off a ducks

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