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heartburn? Lock Rss

hi well when i was pregnant with my first i got really severe heartburn from about 12 weeks and got worse as i got further i have now started to get heartburn again nothing severe yet but has anyone got any good tips to help? last time i tryed everything but nothing much seemed to help and how far was everyone else when started to experience heartburn if they suffered from it?
Hi Nat,

Heartburn is one of those "joys" of being pregnant hey!!!!

I had terrible heartburn with both my pregnancies, worse with my second though. I tried a few different things, none seemed to work. When I was at my GP's for a check up I mentioned it & he prescribed some Zantac capsules. They are completely safe to take & fixed it in a flash. It was such a relief, especially at night time.

Hope this helps & good luck for you pregnancy.


Michelle - Mum to 2

Hi Nat,

Oh the joys of heartburn... I went from only getting it at night when I lay down in my second trimester to having it 24 / 7 in my third (and current) trimester.

In my first pregnancy I got it pretty bad too.

The things that I have found to help the most are drinking a glass of milk before bed, taking Mylanta when it is particularly bad and avoiding foods that trigger heartburn... for me in particular anything oily or spicey, having said that though a glass of water can trigger heartburn for me at the moment.

Luckily I only have 7 weeks to go... you my poor dear still have a way to go.

I'd suggest you speak with your GP or OB and see if they can recommend something for you. I know how miserable bad heartburn can make you feel, so I hope you find some good relief soon.


You poor thing! Drink lots of milk, I drank LOADS however it was low fat (as recommended by my GP) I couldn't drink anything else like water and this was in the middle of summer-not good!

Also shove a couple of telephone directories under your bed legs to raise your head up a bit, this brought some relief also. As well as a million pillows.....


mum of 1

Hi twinkletoes, I had severe heartburn with my first pregnancy and am experiencing it again with my second pregnancy. My Ob has prescribed me Zantac tablets and I can highly recommend them too. Hope this helps. Cheers.
Hi there,

well I started getting heartburn 2 weeks before I actually knew for sure that I was pregnant.

I have had it all along.

For the first 35 weeks I refused to take those mylanta/rennie/quickeze as I didn't want to take medication during my pregnancy. So I just drank milk which worked for about oh 5-10 minutes!

But one night or should I say morning at about 4am in my 35 week, I woke up with such bad heartburn, I thought I was going to throw up.

So at my next hospital appointment I spoke to the midwives and told them. They told me to use those tablets.

The reason I was most likely getting heartburn so bad? I had suddenly had cravings for donuts and cakes, and pastries bring on heartburn my midwife told me.

So all I can suggest is milk, those tablets (and admittedly the tablets work well and don't taste that bad), and try to stay away from cakes, too much bread, donuts etc!

I still have heartburn, but when I can I stay away from the pastries, and it hasn't been so bad.

SA, Girl 08/01/97, DD 10/08/04


I didn't find mylanta as effective for my heartburn and reflux which I''ve had the whole pregnancy. Strangely though, I would have thought acidic foods would bring on heartburn - I've found oranges do, but vinegar dressing on salads calms it down and can even take it away! Another thing that has helped me heaps are fishermans friend mint lozenges - the sugarfree ones. You can suck on them while in bed when the heartburn hits and it calms the effects within seconds. There also good if you have constipation, especially when you need a lot of the lozenges as they have a mild laxative effect. I go through packets of the stuff and they work better than mylanta.

QLD, due 20 Aug. 2004

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