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LONG distance travel while pregnant Lock Rss

Has anyone done a long long travel in the car while fairly pregnant?

We are planning to drive to Melb when I am 27 weeks pregnant, this is a 3-4 day trip (probably 4 with a toddler), asked my GP about it today and he said its recommended to stop every 2 hours for 15 mins each this rate it will take us a week to get there!

Just wondering if anyone has had the same recommendations or travelled far distances while so heavily maybe we will have to look into flying...


Hi Noahsmummeee, I did a 2 and a half hour trip a month ago and can i just say that it was the most uncomfortable, terrible thing i could have done. An hour and a half into it i couldnt take it anymore and i started crying (damn those hormones) and i just wanted to go home. What made it worse was the thought of getting back in that car to go home because i knew what i was in for!!!!
Your a much much stronger woman than I if you can endure 3-4 days. I personally would look into flying but thats just me knowing how horrible i felt, mind you i havent felt 100% throughout my pregnancy so it could just be that.

I've never had a car drive that long before, NZ isn't that big!
But if you are ok to fly at that stage I'd say go for that option instead.

When you have bubs or toddlers in carseats you are supposed to stop for 15mins every 2 hours anyway so that would take forever!

I had a 2 hour drive a couple weeks ago at 32 weeks and it wasn't that uncomfy, I just kinda laid back in the seat since bubs hates it when I sit up straight.

i recently did a 5 hour road trip and it wasn't the best - i had to stop every hour or so to stretch and by time i got to my desinatation i was so sore and exhausted.

i would look into flying - you will be much more comfortable.

Hi there smile

I am 30 weeks and just last week went away for a long weekend down south to albany ( im from perth so a 4 hour drive) but we did ALOT of driving over the 4/5 days we were there( all we seemed to do) I have to admit it was VERY VERY uncomfortable, oh god, my back and everything was ACHING.... and needing to pee like all the time..... but im sooooo glad i did go away, just what we needed! i have a nearly 2 year old, and she was fine smile just make sure you get out of the car alot, i know your doctor suggest every 2 hours, but seriously haha i reckon i needed to stop every hour, just gets sooo damn uncomfortable. im not trying to sound negative, but that was my personal experience smile you could have noooo problems at all smile
we're going to be driving to adelaide in a couple weeks. its 1500 km away and we'll do it in 1 day. and then back again when im about 30 weeks. i havent had a problem with long distances so far, we did an 8 hour round trip in a day about a week ago and aside from being tired it wasnt a problem. just make the best decision for you. having a toddler makes it harder i know, but friends of ours with a 15month old make the trip over here and just stop over night without a problem.
good luck and have a good time away.

I did a trip about 2000km's when I was 35 weeks preg with DS. Then flew from Bris to Syd for 4 days, flew back and drove the 2000km return.
I don't remember it being too much of a drama. The biggest problem for me was my feet were really swelling by then so I ended up sitting in the back for a while so I could put my feet up on the centre console.
Sure, it was a little uncomfortable, but you know that so thats's the risk you take. Just take a few pillows for behind your back or anywhere else you made need one.

They recommend if you less than 35 weeks you can do flights under 5 hours not sure about the driving

Says in this book- "the last 3 months of preg and especially last 6 weeks not best time for travelling... further increases the risk of blood clots, also you may go into labour earlier.''
"between 14-30 weeks is best time.''

Book is great its - The New Zealand Pregnancy Book, By Sue Pullon & Cheryl Benn 2008.
Wow you are keen,lol. That is a big car trip.

I live in the sticks and each pregnancy has involved 5 hours of travel each way for OB appointments. I would stop when uncomfy rather than every 2 hours. Some days we would pull up a few times so I could stretch my legs and go for a waddle other times we wouldn't stop for the entire trip. I was always very pleased to get out of that car though!!!

I did all the things that you are told to do during long distance flying, things like giving yourself as much room as possible, I would push my seat back as much as I could to give me plenty of leg room, recline the chair slightly to make it more comfy, use a pillow to tuck under any uncomy spots. I also did calf stretches and rotated my ankles etc for blood circulation while sitting in the car (which helps reduce the risk of clots).

Having said all that....I'd be looking into flying,lol. Have a great trip smile]

Thanks so much for all the replies smile

I should have mentioned flying is not a very good option for us as I have a major phobia and am a dreadful passenger - Im not overexaggerating at all but I tend to create a scene on the plane because I get so scared *hangs head in shame* LOL

so DH refuses to fly with me and I also am not keen to fly again especially as I cant take anything very strong to knock me out while pregnant

so we will probably drive but this has given us some good feedback and tips

thanks again!

I travelled in a car 3 days and 3 days back at 23-25 weeks and it was pretty uncomfortable but was okay anyway. We were stuck in a car without airconditioning on 40 degree days though. As far as stopping just make sure you have plenty of water and snacks and then you can just pull over for a second if you need to rather than stopping for a long break. Make sure you brings pillows so you can get semi comfortable and be prepared for the worst.
There is a lot of informations about traveling in pregnancy, hope it will help.
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