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When did your morning sickness go away? Lock Rss

I can't believe how crappy I feel. I'm only a few weeks along, maybe 6 and a half, but i'm really struggling to find food that doesn't make me want to puke.

I never really had this with DD, only a little nausea for a few days. How long has this lasted for most people?

I still have it! Not as bad as it was though. Mainly nausea now.

mine went away at around 14 weeks, but midwife has said that it may come back in third trimester
I had it until about 20 weeks full on, it has only recently come back but not so much vomiting now just constantly wanting to vomit lol.

Mine lasted until the day I went into labour with DS.

I'm 9.5 weeks now and its even worse than last time!

Every pregnancy is so different; all we do is wait it out I suppose.
I was the same as you with my first pregnancy only had a few days of nausea. But this time from about 6weeks i constantly felt yuk didnt throw up at all but felt like i needed to! But from about 11-12weeks it started to get better.

All the best hope you start to feel better soon, its so much harder with a toddler to look after too.


DS1 sick for 14 weeks
DS2 sick for 20 weeks

Both pregnancies sick during the last 6 weeks.

Hope it stops for you soon!

I am on my fourth pregnancy and each has lasted that little bit longer I am almost 24 weeks and I am finally feeling a little better still get nausea most days but nothing compared to the constant vomitting and feeling just way too crappy to do anything. I am scared that it is going to come back really bad in the last month or two!!!

Take Care I hope it doesn't last too long for you.

Mine started dead on 6 weeks and finished roughly at 16 weeks but im sorry to say im 35 weeks now and its back.
Now its not all day nausea but Major heartburn and then painful vomitting usually at night. When yours does eventualy ease up, take my advice and enjoy it while you can as it could possibly come back. The second trimester is bliss.

6 months, but there were always some smells that would set me off!

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