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Are nuts ok? Lock Rss

hello, my doc suggested that i have a handful of nuts a day to keep my iron steady & for bubs health too!
i've heard that if you eat too much nuts (especially peanuts) that bubs can become allergic to them. Also they can have other allergies. What do you think? A bunch of wives tales?

I love nuts, they're like the most healthy thing i really like (haha). I hope i don't have to stop eating them.

i have read it both ways, it can reduce the chance of your child becoming allergic, and then it can increase your risk.

so i would still eat them, unless you have allergies running in your family or the fathers family, just to be on the safe side.
Unless you are allergic to them or have allergies in your family you should be fine.

I'm not a huge peanut fan but i think I did have lots of peanut butter while preg with dd.She has absolutley no allergies and she loves her peanut butter on toast!

I think if your bubs is going to be allergic to nuts then it will happen whether you eat them or not.

HI there!

With my DD1, i ate all sorts of nuts all through out my pregnancy.... and i have a family history of nut allergies to... and my daughter isnt allergic to them at all! smile
I had nuts and peanut butter all through all 4 of my pregnacies and my last child is allergic to them but none of the others. I don't think it makes any dif if you eat it or don't.


I eat heaps of them and never even thought about it!

Peanuts arnt all that good for you. Cashews and almonds and hazel nuts have the most iron and all those goodies. (Just thought id mention that i dont mean to come across preachy)

Im stuffing my face with cashews right now in fact!
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