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Just was in Kmart today and saw they have huggies 108 box of nappies for $29.98 i think thats a bargain! but the only thing is you cant layby, just lettin all the new mums/mums to be about the sale!

Yeah I got four boxes smile
thanks soo much, now that is a great price!!!
Yeap is a great price. I only bought 1 box as I already had a box at home. Don't want to buy too many new born nappies as I heard they grow so quick.
Bugger! Just bought a pack from Pak N Save last night for $39.98.
I was in kmart yesterday and put 2 boxes of the nappies on lay by without a problem.
thats lucky you got to layby.. they just refused to let me put any on layby.

I have also layby'd huggies boxes before smile
Also if you buy boxes of the next size up etc... you can always change the size when you pick them up! obviously unopened!

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